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Heron pays a visit to Downing Street

A heron has caused a stir on Twitter after paying a flying visit to Downing Street.

Government adviser Ramsay Jones tweeted a picture of the long-legged bird perched on top of the famous Number 10 black front door.

"Guess what just flew into Number 10", he asked, before confirming it had eventually flown away.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who is on a tour of EU capitals, was not in to receive his unexpected guest.

Image copyright Twitter/Ramsay Jones

But it still took a look inside, Mr Jones reported:

Image copyright Twitter/Ramsay Jones

According to the RSPB, grey herons are found around "any kind of water" - so the nearby Thames or the Downing Street garden pond might have been its next stop.

Image copyright AFP/Getty

Previous wildlife appearances in Downing Street include a fox on the morning before the general election.

There have also been regular mouse sightings - including during a prime ministerial dinner.

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