EU referendum: Who will lead the country?

Houses of Parliament

Who will lead? The country has made its decision, but who will carry it out?

Having offered the referendum, the prime minister's decision to announce his departure immediately has privately angered some of his cabinet colleagues.

And his planned exit means Conservatives are now concentrating on who will replace him in Number 10.

Until the rules of the contest are set, no minister will confirm their intentions.

But by the hour it is looking more likely that the Tory race will be between Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Theresa May.

A rapid run-off between two candidates could be what's needed to bring the Tories back together and to settle nerves.

Damage has been done during the campaign, and the aftermath of the referendum is proving a dangerous political vacuum.

These critical hours have damaged too the credibility of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who - even despite nine members of his shadow cabinet leaving his team after he sacked another - is determined not to budge.

Those close to him are confident that, even if there is a formal leadership challenge, his support among the membership would see him win any contest.

But as the UK contemplates the biggest political changes in decades, our two main political parties, whose leaders are in office, are not completely in charge.

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