May does things her own way

Theresa May Image copyright AP

The multiple red carpets have been rolled up and put away.

And at the end of the prime minister's first major summit there are questions that will follow her home. No more so than on how she really proposes to control immigration from the European Union. Having ruled out the points-based system that was promised by the winning side in the referendum, her answer on what might come instead? Simply, wait and see.

Downing Street officials are acutely aware they may come under increasing pressure to give more details. They face calls for clarity from allies too, as country after country expressed economic concerns about our planned departure.

But while it comes with political risk, at this summit the prime minister is displaying perhaps a significant contrast to her predecessor - choosing to work up the detail first, then make the decision, rather than make a decision and then make the details fit.

In the case of Hinkley Point, to the fury of the Chinese, a decision that was made before her tenure may even be unpicked.

In the last 36 hours, in the airless bubble of this enormous summit, Theresa May has not had an easy series of meetings. But she has shown that she wants to be a leader who will do things in her own way and in her own time, not beholden to the promises of the referendum, or those in charge before.

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