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Monday 4 September

The Daily Politics will return after the summer recess

Thursday 20 July

What will the Brexit talks achieve?

Playing politics over Grenfell death figures?

What will MPs be doing over summer?

What should politicos read over summer?

What's in the stars for Davis and Barnier?

What's in the stars for Corbyn and May?

Ed Vaizey on recess plans

Is David Lammy off-message on how to spend recess?

Ministers are sometimes accused of trying to bury bad news

First full round of Brexit negotiations in Brussels ends on Thu

Ed Vaizey on Kensington Council

David Lammy on Kensington Council

Wednesday 19 July

Clips from PMQs

End of term sports day

A football shirt in the House of Commons

Tiddlywinks - end of term fun?

An apology from Andrew Neil

Can Labour wipe student debt?

MPs will debate university tuition fees

Adam Fleming on third days of Brexit talks in Brussels

BBC salaries: Sarah Champion

BBC salaries: Tobias Ellwood

The Daily Politics budget

Tuesday 18 July

The liveliest politics: Australia or UK?

How would Labour's Robin Hood tax work?

How will UK trade with far away countries?

Who was right on pay: Phillips or Halfon?

Was that meeting private, or have you heard the entire contents of the Cabinet?

Final Cabinet meeting before recess

MPs debate debates

What has caused the inflation fall?

Looking at UK/Australia freedom of movement

Nigel Evans on Philip Hammond quotes

'No proseco... it was just chilled Champagne'

Monday 17 July

'We won't accept cuts to our schools'

Were Grenfell deaths a 'social murder'?

Soapbox: 'Meat is a luxury and it's time we started taxing it'

Musical politics - from Stormzy to Astley

Will Jess sing for Jeremy, or Robert for Theresa?

Halfon on UK initially adopting EU all laws before a review

Gisela Stuart on future EU links

Everyone wants to have their cake eat it, says Labour MP

Gisela Stuart talking Brexit

'Not any kind of walkout, no kind of dramatic gesture'

Phillips on cabinet leaks and Hammond comments

Halfon on cabinet leaks

Halfon on public sector pay

Sunday 16 July

Liam Fox on Brexit 'transitional period'

Liam Fox on briefings against Philip Hammond

Rebecca Long-Bailey on Labour's position on single market

Were the Grenfell victims 'murdered'?

Is UKIP about to split?

Friday 14 July

Who is to blame for ongoing rail strikes?

What do political protests achieve?

What's happened in politics this week?

What will Labour do about the Repeal Bill?

Where does Labour stand on Brexit?

Kwasi Kwarteng on Farron comments about Brexit and PM

What now for the May government?

Commentators on PM's future

Thursday 13 July

What do voters and MPs make of May?

What now for Syria after Islamic State?

Looking at British military action abroad

MEP surprised over marmalade joke coverage

Where does Labour stand on Brexit?

What's Arsenal?

What is Euratom? And why might the UK leave?

Is Brexit strategy really like a Chocolate Orange?

Wednesday 12 July

'What does no Brexit deal actually mean?'

Why do MPs face online abuse?

Labour have 'nine different plans on Europe'

Lib Dems offer 'more jobs for older workers'

What did Bryant pick for his private members' bill after online poll?

BBC political editor on PMQs

Big Issue founder on UK poverty levels

Andrew Neil's quick catch-up on PMQs

Tim Farron question on refugees

SNP questions to Damian Green about devolved powers

'I know he is new to this'

Thornberry and Green on Brexit talks and deals

Damian Green on employment figures

'Brexit secretary might be laughing but I am turning to him next'

'You are supposed to be building consensus, man'

Thornberry asks again about UK-Ireland border and Brexit dea

Question on UK-Irish border after Brexit

Name all 16 Tories who have been represented at PMQs in 20 years?

Alex Salmond takes over JoCo's guess the year role

Salmond on mug: I might even keep this one

Andrew needs help for Guess the year

Language warning - "Don't use it again please"

Dromey on naval mission on curbing flow of migrants in the Mediterranean

Gauke on naval mission on curbing flow of migrants in the Mediterranean

Tuesday 11 July

When will Trump visit the UK?

Will John Bird welcome Trump to the UK?

Should zero hours contracts be banned?

Is there more abuse in politics today?

How long did these PMs last in office?

How do we define poverty?

Big Issue founder on UK poverty levels

Does a long-serving PM make a good PM?

What does Taylor report suggest?

Monday 10 July

Cross-party group to scrutinise Brexit deal

Will Labour abolish student debt?

What's in the political diary this week?

The road to Brexit

Will other parties work with the PM?

'All the muttering around here is how long she's got'

Facebook live with Ellie Price

Sunday 9 July

Owen Paterson on Vince Cable comment

Owen Paterson on delivering Brexit

Caroline Flint on Labour divisions

How politics played a part in the aftermath of Grenfell Tower fire

Emma Dent Coad on Sir Martin Moore-Bick

Friday 7 July

Is the EU a corporatist racket?

Flipping through the week's politics

Lighting up Parliament for Pride

The government is keen to show that Britain is open for business

Trump "could be persuaded to change his change and come back aboard"

Thursday 6 July

Do UK businesses trust Labour today?

UK 'can afford to be taxed a bit more'

Debating Chilcot: Baron and Doyle

Snuffing out a Commons tradition

Will Brexit still happen, Brexiteer is asked?

'We know our place'

Wednesday 5 July

PM tells MPs: We will not accept FGM in UK

First tieless question in PMQs?

PM warns of Corbyn 'government in waiting'

'I hope the PM is proud of her record'

Speaker warns MPs of 'downmarket' shrieking

Why some love the MP with Mogg-mentum

PMQs review from BBC deputy political editor

47 mins of PMQs

PM quizzed on animal cruelty

SNP questions on inflation and wages

New SNP Westminster leader on former SNP leader

PM on Tory and Labour spending plans

PM on public sector pay and employment levels

Corbyn and May on NHS staffing

Corbyn on public sector pay after a letter from David

Corbyn and May on public sector pay

Pride wishes from the Labour leader

Serving up the PM's week

Help for former Grenfell Tower residents

Should Grenfell judge stand down?

Calls for Grenfell judge to go

Tuesday 4 July

Does a speech setting make a difference?

UK laws vary on alcohol, marrying and sexting

Who wants a public sector pay rise?

How to help vulnerable children

Why is public sector pay in the headlines?

Why were there fewer than 100 MEPs listening to Juncker?

Monday 3 July

When political big beasts were just maidens

Ireland to leave customs union and single market?

What's it like giving a maiden speech in Parliament?

Looking at Labour and Tory party divisions

New MP Sarah Jones on Labour policy and leadership

What what is the pay cap, and how many people does it affect?

Looking at public and private sector pay

Sunday 2 July

Has May done enough to steady the ship?

Greg Hands on what Tories should do for young people

EU's Brexit team member on EU divorce bill

Andrew quizzes Richard Burgon on Labour's Brexit position

Friday 30 June

A one-minute guide to the political week

Limit freedom of movement in single market?

Soapbox: 'We will need more' austerity after Brexit

Debating Lilico film on speed of austerity

Do we care what MPs wear in Parliament?

The ties are off in Parliament now

If you want to hear more from Brussels?

Possibly the first time we have talked bull sperm

Peter Bottomley on abortion issue and Queen's Speech vote

'I am here because you could not find anyone better'

What happened in the Queen's Speech vote?

Thursday 29 June

Where does Labour stand on single market?

Ban supermarket wrappings or hereditary peers?

Will Brexit be good or bad for farmers?

Owen Paterson on UK farmers after Brexit

The woman who travels everywhere with Corbyn

BBC NI political editor on power sharing talks

Owen Paterson asked about NI and England spending

Owen Paterson on public spending

Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd on pay rises

Highlights from the Queen's Speech debate

Queen's Speech timetable

Wednesday 28 June

Catch up on PMQs highlights

What do Conservatives make of Theresa May?

What Labour MPs have been saying

Remember this Labour mug from 2015 election?

Jenny Chapman on Grenfell claims and language used by Labour MPs

Tory minister quizzed on tax rises

Jo Coburn's Minority Report

Political reaction to Hillsborough charges: Chapman

Political reaction to Hillsborough charges: Grayling

Tuesday 27 June

Brexit negotiations and EU citizens in the UK

What were election issues for young people?

Will new laws mean fewer strikes in the UK?

Why can't union ballots be held online?

Another guest politician standing in for Jeremy Vine

David Mellor on Iain Duncan Smith as broadcaster

How far apart are the two sides of this negotiation?

What happens to 3m EU citizens resident in Britain after Brexit

Frances O'Grady on spending for N Ireland

Conservative MP Chris Philp on Tory-DUP deal

BBC correspondent on Conservative-DUP deal

MPs react to Conservative-DUP deal

Monday 26 June

Bid to end 'ridiculous' Lords by-elections

Damian Green: 'We have been flexible - we have listened'

MP reaction to tower block fire tests

Hodge on changing rules to elect new Labour leader

Hodge asked about Corbyn Trident comments

What's in the political diary?

Hodge and Crabb on McDonnell 'murder' fire deaths claim

BBC correspondent on tower block fire tests

Political reaction to Tory-DUP deal: Hodge

Political reaction to Tory-DUP deal: Crabb

Political reaction to Tory-DUP deal: Ross

BBC NI political editor on Conservative-DUP deal

Sunday 25 June

Lord Price on trade after leaving EU

Gerard Coyne on his sacking by Unite

Is Labour's infighting against Corbyn over?

Gerard Coyne: 'Real danger of purges in Labour'

Jon Trickett on the shadow cabinet

Friday 23 June

How has UK offer been received by other EU leaders?

What is the government offering EU citizens living in Britain?

Reaction to May's offer to UK's EU residents

Referendum review from Vote Leave

Referendum review from Britain Stronger in Europe

Looking back to June 23 last year

A gift for DP guest during Brexit debate

What's happened in politics this week?

Thursday 22 June

Cable on second or third EU referendum

When the UK had two elections in eight months

The politico's guide to Glastonbury

Do Conservatives go to Glastonbury?

Angela Smith on Lords reform

John Mann on Lords reform

What was in the Queen's Speech about Brexit and other policies

Why is Theresa May in Brussels?

Reaction to Grenfell Tower fire - Angela Smith

Reaction to Grenfell Tower fire - Michael Forsyth

Commons statement expected on safety of tower blocks

Wednesday 21 June

State Opening Of Parliament coverage from BBC1

Tuesday 20 June

Adam Fleming reports from Luxembourg

What might be in the Queen's Speech?

Pienaar on Tory-DUP deal

The next Lib Dem leader?

Gardiner says Jones is 'on the sidelines'

Gardiner and Harper on Queen's Speech

Looking ahead to Queen's Speech

Kate Williams on Queen's Speech

Henry Jackson Society responds to comments on Monday's DP

Politicians taking a turn behind the radio mic

Could Farage host a BBC radio programme?

Will Farage stand again as UKIP leader?

What happened with the election polls?

Monday 19 June

Soapbox: Ex-minister backs ID cards

Identity cards debate

Eyewitness describes Finsbury Park attack

Feelings of "vulnerability, anger and frustration" in Finsbury Park says BBC correspondent

There can be no tolerance for this form of extremism says Muslim Council of Britain

Conservative and Labour MPs react to attack

Has the government's position on Brexit changed?

MEP and MPs look ahead to Brexit talks

The political week ahead

Minute's silence held after Grenfell Tower fire

MPs clash over Grenfell Tower tragedy

Sunday 18 June

Andrea Leadsom on PM's response to Grenfell Tower

Andrea Leadsom on cancelling next year's Queen's speech

Andrew Gwynne on Grenfell Tower

Andrew Gwynne on street protests

Why is the customs union important to business?

Nicola Horlick on customs union

Wed 14, Thu 15 and Fri 16 June

Daily Politics off-air

Tuesday 13 June

Understanding EVEL and Salisbury Convention

Dozens of new MPs head to Westminster

What's it like being a new MP?

A real political cat fight in Downing Street

Why Is David Coburn standing as UKIP leader?

Looking at Bercow's record and future role in the chair

Re-elected Bercow dragged to Speaker's chair

Conservative MP asked: Is austerity over?

What does election result mean for Brexit?

Lord Howard on election result and Tory-DUP deal

Eleanor Garnier on Tory-DUP deal

Monday 12 June

What happens now after election result?

Who wants another election soon?

Photographer recalls election campaign

Did all pollsters get it wrong?

Gethins on what now for IndyRef2?

Gethins on SNP election result

Shapps and Gardiner on DUP role in UK government

Which policies will the Conservative drop?

Why has Labour been happy about losing the election?

How will minority government go about governing?

Shapps on election result for his party

Sunday 11 June

Adam Fleming's final report for Sunday Politics

Graham Brady on Theresa May staying on as PM

Anna Soubry on Theresa May: PM is flawed

Dominic Raab on George Osborne

Jon Ashworth on forming a Labour government

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June

BBC Election index (no DP on Thursday or Friday)

Wednesday 7 June

The last dash for election votes

What time will we know election results?

Highlights from the election campaign for smaller parties

Conservative highlights from the election campaign

Labour highlights from the election campaign

Emily Maitlis on the BBC election set

Where are the bets going?

Get well soon Diane, says Andrew

Ed Vaizey on Tory election campaign

How do Tory and Tories plan to balance the UK's books?

Lammy asked about audience calling for attack on Israel

David Lammy on control orders

Where do Tories stand on human rights and control orders?

What do Wednesday's papers have to say?

Tuesday 6 June

Meet the candidates wanting votes in former coal and steel town

The political picture in Wales

Mood box on four-day working week

Animal Welfare Party leader

Green Party co-leader on £250,000 by-election offer for party

Tuesday's campaign report

Mark Harper on Trump tweets to London mayor

Green leader on May and Trump phone call on climate change

Dromey question to Harper on police numbers

Jack Dromey on security

Norman Smith on closing days in election campaign

Monday 5 June

Preventing terrorism, a pinny and a putt

National Health party 'needed more than ever'

Are opinion polls science or fiction?

The terror plots that were stopped

Battle for election's most westerly (and picturesque) constituency

Ashworth on Corbyn 2015 and 2017 shoot-to-kill policy comments

Jonathan Ashworth on police numbers and funding

Dominic Raab on police numbers and funding

What does Saturday's attack mean for Thursday's general election?

When will London attackers be named?

Sunday 4 June

No programme after the London attacks overnight

Friday 2 June

What happened to the Lib Dem fightback?

Theresa, tattoos, Tim and Trump

Sinn Fein on taking Westminster seats?

Why is Theresa May not on TV and radio?

Looking at election claims

Mason and Young on tax claims

Ex-energy secretary on Trump and 2015 Paris climate accord

Nigel Farage on election charges

Conservative candidate charged

Thursday 1 June

What does the SDP stand for today?

Does Falconer back Corbyn in 2017?

The BBC election debate in four minutes

Have voters already made up their mind?

Votes at 16, selfies and poll-tergeists

Where do parties stand on future UK-EU future relationship?

Was the TV election debate audience biased to the left?

Why was the PM not part of the TV election debate - Falconer

Why was the PM not part of the TV election debate - Lewis

Wednesday 31 May

Election debate or Britain's Got Talent?

'Parties pinch our ideas all the time'

The manliest men in politics

YouGov survey suggests hung Parliament

One week of campaigning to go

'No iron laws' in elections

Labour candidate dismisses migration document

Labour candidate condemns Twitter abuse

Shadow disarmament minister on Trident renewal

Jeremy Corbyn to take part in live election debate

Conservative backs nuclear weapons

Peer predicts nuclear weapons vote in Commons

'No hard border' - UUP leader

UUP 'offers positive unionism'

The latest election campaign round-up

Tuesday 30 May

A party that wants to replace all taxes

What is the SNP proposing?

'Nothing has changed' on IndyRef2 date

De Vito, croissants, music and a question mark

Gardiner listens to Corbyn's radio interview

Who do voters trust on UK security?

Tories target Lib Dem-turned-SNP seat

Glambucket, pronounced Glam-bouquet

OED talks Glumbucket

Gardiner v Gove

Pollster asked what do voters make of security policies?

Gove asked about calling a snap election campaign

Monday 29 May

No programme on Bank Holiday Monday

Sunday 28 May

Election 2017: What's happening in the polls?

How would Labour tackle terrorism?

Security Minister Ben Wallace on fighting terrorism

Douglas Murray's thoughts on Manchester attacks

Sara Khan's thoughts on Manchester attacks

Friday 26 May

'We have been far too tolerant of Islamism'

What did the Labour leader have to say?

John Pienaar reports from G7 in Sicily

Corbyn foreign policy speech reaction

Parties 'take risks' with manifesto maths

How France responded to terror attacks

When politicians struggle with numbers

Thursday 25 May

Can politicians prevent terror attacks

Who do UKIP blame for Manchester bombing?

Libya 'magnet for extremists' over European violence

Support of military colleagues 'clearly needed'

What is UKIP offering?

John Prescott on UK sharing intelligence

Security correspondent Frank Gardner on leaks to US media

Political campaigning has now resumed

Wednesday 24 May

A bomb factory out there somewhere in UK?

Manchester joins lists of European attacks

International reaction to Manchester attack

UK on critical alert for only third time

Norman Smith on when election campaigning will resume

Douglas Murray on Manchester attacks

Hazel Blears on Manchester attacks

BBC security correspondent on Manchester bomber

Lucy Powell on Islamist claims about Manchester attacks

Warning signs about Manchester bomber?

How UK newspapers have been reporting the Manchester attack

Tuesday 23 May

Programme cancelled after the Manchester bombing

Monday 22 May

Do voters trust May or Corbyn on social care?

How relevant are Corbyn's past IRA comments?

'Absolute nonsense' to say BNP is racist

Pints, cushions and a stadium crowd

hen will Scottish nurses get a pay rise?

BBC correspondent on Theresa May speech

Chuka Umunna on social care funding

Theresa Villiers on social care funding

Sunday 21 May

Comparing the Tory and Labour manifestos

David Gauke defends Tory social care plans

David Gauke on Tories social care plans

David Gauke on immigration

Peter Dowd on Labour's commitment to nuclear deterrent

Why doesn't Corbyn condemn IRA bombing?

Friday 19 May

Legs, battle bus breakdown and some mooing

In the swing of election night results

Immigration control: ambition or target?

Libertarian Party plans to clear national debt

Labour reaction to pension policies

Rupert Harrison on manifesto pledges

Tory changes from 2015 to 2017

Thursday 18 May

Coalitions, tweets, alcohol, bus and bingo

Revolutionary bid for election votes

Politicians in The Thick Of mixing fact and fiction

Mood box: What age should we be allowed to vote?

Raab - A 'major omission' in the 2017 Tory manifesto?

Dominic Raab on social fare contributions

Dominic Raab on Tory manifesto social care pledges

BBC assistant political editor at Tory manifesto launch

What's in the Conservative manifesto?

Wednesday 17 May

Lib Dems pledge a second Brexit vote

Is Indyref2 the main election campaign issue?

What does Alliance for Green Socialism stand for?

Retro games, period poverty and bridge tolls

What's in the Lib Dem manifesto?

Lord Forsyth on manifesto pledges and spending

What is Labour planning to do with UK electrical supply

Independence issue in campaign for Scottish seats

Tuesday 16 May

How Liberal and Lib Dem policies vary

'Some opportunities' for post-Brexit Wales

Two and four-legged campaign figures

Who said what in referendum campaign?

Will politicians keep manifesto pledges?

Clegg: People don't watch the interviews between you and me

Clegg: It was just cringingly embarrassing

Nick Clegg on Washington Post claims about Trump

What is Labour offering at the election?

Andy McDonald on Labour manifesto stats

Andy McDonald on nationalising water firms in England

Andy McDonald on paying for spending pledges

Monday 15 May

English Democrats 'not diminishing'

Do manifestos affect the way we vote?

Tory plan for workers' rights

TUC reaction to Tory plans for workers' rights

Where do parties stand on workers' rights?

Harry Styles and other election campaign news

Labour pledges an extra £37bn on NHS in England over 5 years

Sunday 14 May

Rebecca Long-Bailey on rail nationalisation

Brandon Lewis on corporation tax

How will the performance of party leaders affect behaviour at the ballot box?

US pollster Frank Luntz on the General Election

How many candidates are the bigger parties putting up on 8 June?

Friday 12 May

Will Brexit help or hinder UK in Eurovision?

SNP: Tory 'bluff and bluster' over Europe

Corbyn has set out his views on defence and foreign policy

'Defence of the realm safe with Labour'

Why is Socialist Party opposing Corbyn?

Cameron and Blair back in politics

Guy Ritchie confused by party leaders

How much is the election costing UK taxpayers?

Will pollsters get the next election result right?

Thursday 11 May

Rapping, leaking, fishing and no candidates

Lib Dem plan for 50,000 Syrian refugees in UK

Mood box: What do voters make of Theresa May?

Pirates want online and offline freedoms

Leanne Wood on Plaid-Tory polling and results

Stephen Crabb on devolved powers for Wales

'Wales has been ignored and neglected since decision to leave EU'

James Cleverly on UK-Saudi relations and arms sales

James Cleverly on defence spending

When will we see Plaid manifesto?

There seem to be three different conspiracy theories

Plaid leader on Labour manifesto

What is in the leaked Labour manifesto?

Wednesday 10 May

£250k by-election claim 'completely false'

Women's Equality Party has 'better candidates'

Dromey and Gove on Labour school plans

Do voters think it is over for UKIP?

Nuttall: UKIP support 'will go down'

A political ride, cooking and busking

Labour members expelled from the party

Explaining Labour's education plans

Nuttall on a One Show appearance?

BBC's Tom Symonds on CPS decision over election spending

Tuesday 9 May

Mood box: More likely to vote for Labour under Corbyn?

Flagging the election campaign

Labour: People 'feel they are being demonised

What does Christian Peoples Alliance stand for?

Marxist to cap or freeze energy bills?

Owen Jones on the Jeremy Corbyn image

Owen Jones on Jeremy Corbyn speech

Monday 8 May

BBC announces election programme details

Mood box: Have voters changed their mind since last week?

Party wants separate tax rate for Yorkshire

Rapping, cats, pints and Marxist denial

Catherine West on election debates

Dominic Grieve on election debates

Catherine West on hospital parking

Dominic Grieve on manifesto pledges

Who is promising what on tax?

What will Macron win mean for the UK?

Sunday 7 May

Norman Lamb: Mental health funding 'is simply not enough'

BBC Local Elections 2017: A look behind the scenes

Burgon: Labour focused on General Election

Is it over for UKIP?

Is John McDonnell a Marxist or not?

Friday 5 May

No Daily Politics as we made way for rolling election coverage on BBC1

Local elections - part one

Local elections - part two

Thursday 4 May

Reaction to the French presidential TV debate: Max Begon-Lours

Reaction to the French presidential TV debate: Tim Marshall

Is the 'IS' reign of terror coming to an end?

Foreign affairs expert on the 'generational battle' timing

How to deal with terror threats to UK

What do we learn from Trump's tweets?

Why did Tommy Robinson visit Quilliam office?

Parliament proclamation arrives in Edinburgh

Which parts of the UK can vote today?

Wednesday 3 May

What have political leaders been up to?

Where have all the MPs gone?

Who will win the battle for Cardiff?

Margot James on health policy

Barry Gardiner on Labour's health plans

Charles Grant from the Centre for European Reform

Election debate: UKIP v Green

Looking at Scottish education rankings and funding

What seats are being contested on Thursday?

Tuesday 2 May

Labour MP won't support Corbyn for PM

Battle for jewel of Scottish local government

20 years on - how will Blair be remembered?

Abbott listens to her LBC policing interview

Brexit negotiations to start July or August

Monday 1 May

No programme on Bank Holiday Monday

Sunday 30 April

'Rigged' economy? How do Labour plan to deal with it?

Local Elections: Leanne Wood on why you should vote Plaid Cymru

Friday 28 April

SNP 'more popular today than 10 years ago'

UKIP 'secure financially and going forward'

Headlines from first week of electioneering

Why will some people have a metro mayor?

Thursday 27 April

Is the Prevent strategy doing its job?

Warsi: Time to independently review Prevent

What will the US do about North Korea?

How will Labour fund 1m homes in five years?

Wednesday 26 April

'I'd listen to what Maureen has to say'

May and Corbyn clash on housing and schools

Farron: Nasty party, never been nastie

SNP: Pensions triple-lock - yes or no?

PM name-checks 'I like Corbyn but' website

What do Siri and Alexa know about the election?

Tuesday 25 April

What is Labour's Brexit policy?

Brexit debate: Raab v Carmichael

What can be done about London's dirty money?

Plaid: Brexit threatens future of Wales

What makes a good school?

Monday 24 April

Why does UKIP want to ban the burka?

FILM: 'Our heroes need a pay rise'

DEBATE: Should the UK spend more on defence?

Where does Labour stand on Trident?

What's in the political diary this week?

Why might some parties not stand against their political rivals

Sunday 23 April

Patrick McLoughlin on election spending

Arron Banks on running in Clacton

French Election: Could there be another shock?

How much does a General Election cost the parties?

McLoughlin: Tories party "of low taxation"

Friday 21 April

How will Labour fund its election pledges?

Mood box: What's the most important election issue?

The week's politics in one minute

How are the Brexit talks coming along?

Let's take a look at Labour's campaign so far

Looking at the opinion polls

Unite leadership contest has been 'very bitter and acrimonious'

Thursday 20 April

Dromey asked about Kinnock prediction

Jack Dromey on treatment of workers

Suzanne Evans not standing in 2017 election

'UKIP has also faced an array of problems - mostly self-inflicted'

Evans on UKIP: We are not out yet

Details of the political wash-up period

What is the Parliamentary wash-up?

Reaction to Douglas Carswell not standing in general election

Lucas on 'progressive alliance' talks

Wednesday 19 April

The road map to election day

What could be in Tory manifesto?

What could be in the Labour manifesto?

Why won't SNP support a June election?

Will SNP and Labour back a progressive alliance at Westminster?

Corbyn's first PMQs question to May after election date announced

May and Corbyn on TV debates

May and Corbyn on election promises on debt and spending

SNP Westminster leader on saboteurs and mandates

Corbyn and May on claims of broken promises

Farron on debates in 1992 and 2017 elections

What about candidates who face 2015 expense allegations?

Tuesday 18 April

Election 2017 reaction from Lib Dem leader Tim Farron

UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle on general election timing

Election 2017 reaction: Green leader Jonathan Bartley

What do bookies make of the election odds?

Neil Coyle on election timing and Jeremy Corbyn

How can the PM call an election?

Shadow minister Barry Gardiner on election timing

Former Tory leader Duncan Smith on election timing

BBC political editor on election timing

Easter recess

Programmes were off-air through the Easter recess

Sunday 2 April

Will Brexit be a smooth journey?

Michael Howard on Brexit negotiations

Jon Ashworth: Labour have to be winning seats

Lord Howard on Brexit deal

How bad could May's elections be for Labour?

Jon Ashworth on Labour's election future

"Lib Dems are back in business"

Friday 31 March

Finding a post-Brexit passport design

The Westerners fighting against IS

The political week in 60 seconds

NHS England chief executive on waiting times

Waiting times 'trade-off' is 'a huge, sharp wake-up call for voters'

'This is about cuts' - the Morning Star's Ben Chacko

A softening of the EU's position?

Donald's Trump's views on Nato

The Morning Star's Ben Chacko says the UK would be safer outside Nato

The government's Brexit strategy amounts to a 'right-wing coup' says Green Party deputy leader

Thursday 30 March

A weighty dilemma for the Isle of Wight

Will there be another rise in the pension age?

Former minister's Brexit concerns

The issues at stake in Brexit negotiations

What say will the European Parliament have?

Trade and security

Davis and Starmer on Great Repeal Bill

Ken Livingstone disciplinary hearing

Ken Livingstone hearing debate

Isle of Wight journalist on 'Floaty McFloatface'

Wednesday 29 March

Theresa May's Article 50 statement

Jeremy Corbyn's Article 50 speech

Guess the Year

The timetable for today

Guests react to Article 50 trigger

Brexit: how it happened

Ashdown: Government has 'hijacked' vote

SNP MP wants 'two way process'

PMQs clash over police numbers

Robertson: There is no UK-wide agreement

Funding for schools

Boris Johnson accused of 'smirking'

'Now is not the time' to trigger Article 50

'A mood of some sadness here in Brussels'

UKIP reaction

Green Party reaction

Article 50 has been triggered so what happens next?

Tuesday 28 March

A look at the new pound coin

Proposal to review prescription medicines

Prescription medicines review

Ineos boss on prescriptions review

MP on '£350m for NHS' claim

John Redwood asked about £350m claim

Daily Mail's 'legs' headline

Scottish Parliament to resume referendum debate

Unite leadership contest

Green Party MEP debates the 'very divisive subject' of fracking with Ineos boss

Monday 27 March

Soapbox: Post-Brexit political division

Debate on 'divided Britain'

PM to meet Scotland's first minister

SNP spokesman on May and Sturgeon talks

Tory MP defends May's approach to Scotland

Labour MP on second referendum

Parties' priorities for Brexit

UKIP MEP and Lib Dem MP on Brexit process

The political week ahead

Contenders for most important historical letter

Sunday 26 March

David Lidington on parliamentary security

Why did Douglas Carswell quit UKIP?

Director of Europol on Westminster terror attack

How was Khalid Masood inspired?

Director of Europol on Westminster attacks

Will there be a by-election in Clacton?

100% UKIP to 0%? What happened?

Paul Nuttall 'disaapointed' in Carswell

Nuttall on Carswell quitting UKIP

Lidington on security in Westminster

Friday 24 March

Which EU member makes the most cars?

The political week in 60 seconds

Triggering of Article 50 'a failure and a tragedy' - Juncker

The Westminster attacker - what we know so far

Met Police statement

Security around Parliament

'A lone actor on the day'

Labour MP calls on tech giants to combat 'online grooming'

What legal powers do police and intelligence services have?

Lib Dem peer and Tory MP on surveillance powers

Has attack changed the view of Westminster?

Article 50 letter to be sent next week

Thursday 23 March

How an attack on Westminster unfolded

Leaders declare solidarity with the UK

Labour MP describes Westminster yesterday

Reports attacker shot by minister's bodyguard

Security minister on Westminster attack

Duncan Smith on Westminster attack

Daily Politics presenter was in Parliament yesterday

The BBC's Phil Mackie reports from Birmingham where arrests were made

BBC security correspondent on counter-terrorism investigations

Former Labour minister on terror attacks

Wednesday 22 March

Free vote on Parliament restoration

Corbyn attacks schools 'vanity project'

Scottish people 'should have a choice'

Ban on electronics on flights

Home Office minister on electronics ban

State of the polls

PMQs: Corbyn leads on school funding

Does the PM agree with teacher Eileen?

May attacks shadow ministers' school choices

'Labour put the party first' - May

Why does PM oppose independence?

SNP MP on Electoral Commission fine

PMQs verdict

What's in the PM's in tray?

Tuesday 21 March

What is the fishing industry angling for?

What would a Brexit movie look like?

The life of Martin McGuinness

Meeting of the PLP

Labour MP backs Watson

Shadow minister on Labour row

Tory peer and Labour MP on early election

Martin McGuinness and Northern Ireland's politics

Referendum vote in Scottish Parliament

Peter Taylor on Martin McGuinness

Conservative peer: Look to the future

Monday 20 March

Soapbox: Learning disabilities

Minimum wage debate

Brexit process to begin

MPs react to Article 50 trigger

Momentum and Tom Watson

MP and Momentum member clash over Labour's future

What are the rules on MPs and second jobs?

MPs on George Osborne's new job

What's happening in politics this week?

Sunday 19 March

Chief Executive of NHS Providers on funding

Clegg: May's Brexit plan is 'self harming approach' for UK

Andrew Gwynne: Labour 'preparing for early election'

Gwynne - 'Labour preparing for early General Election'

A look back at a turbulent week for Theresa May

Nick Clegg on Theresa May

Nick Clegg on early election and Osborne the Journo

Chief Executive of NHS Providers on funding

Friday 17 March

BBC media editor on George Osborne's new job

Labour MP on George Osborne's new job

Sturgeon v May

SNP deputy leader on second referendum

May 'has re-armed' SNP

Theresa May spring conference speech

The SNP is showing 'arrogance' says Conservative MSP

Thursday 16 March

Are universities restricting free speech?

Donald Trump's limo under the hammer

The details of the Conservative Party election expenses story

Are the Conservatives worried about the expenses row?

'If you had an opposition with chutzpah it would be going to town on this' says Rod Liddle

National Insurance U-turn

Oliver Letwin on the Budget

Former minister reacts to expenses fine

Freedom of speech at universities

Future of UKIP

Wednesday 15 March

Tory MP defends NI increase .... then U-turn

Corbyn attacks NI U-turn 'chaos'

SNP calls for UK-wide Brexit agreement

Virtual tour of Parliament launched

Minister on NI changes

Labour corporation tax plans

Scottish social attitudes survey

Election expenses

NI u-turn welcomed

May defends Budget

'The prime minister is for turning' says the SNP's Angus Robertson

SNP MP Callum McCaig asks whether the UK can afford to be an independent country

Yvette Cooper on spring Budgets

PMQs verdict

Conservative critic welcomes NI move

Tuesday 14 March

Can politicians make us laugh?

The highlights from yesterday's Commons debate on the Brexit bill

Peers also debated the Brexit bill last night

Jeremy Corbyn was 'clumsy with his language'

The winners of Scotland's 2014 independence referendum 'have changed the deal'

Tory MSP says SNP has no mandate for vote

What happens after Article 50 is triggered?

Parliament and Brexit

Gyles Brandreth on jokes in the House

Is the Commons a funny place?

Monday 13 March

Soapbox: Royal succession

Should Prince Charles become king?

A second Scottish referendum

Labour MP on Scottish independence

Triggering Article 50

Week ahead

Post-Brexit trade with the Commonwealth

It is right to give Scottish voters 'a choice of two futures' says SNP Europe spokesman

Sunday 12 March

What will happen after the Brexit bill has passed?

Soubry v Farage: Brexit deal or no deal?

Louise Mensch on Trump's wiretap allegations

Anna Soubry on Brexit deal

Nigel Farage on Brexit deal

Nigel Farage: No deal is a lot better for the nation

Soubry v Farage

Farage "probably would" stand in South Thanet again

Matthew Taylor on national insurance rises

Friday 10 March

Did David Cameron criticise the Budget?

Vying to be West Midlands metro mayor

The political week in 60 seconds

What did David Cameron say to the defence secretary?

NI contributions row - how much does Torsten Bell think the government could raise from Andrew Neil?

Thursday 9 March

Is it a good time to be a girl?

When politics becomes a laughing matter

Conservative MP on NI changes

Shadow minister on NI changes

Helena Morrissey 'disappointed' by NI change

Lib Dem MP on social care funding

Social care money 'a first step'

Labour MP on 'stability of public services'

Can a deal be reached in Northern Ireland?

Is it a good time to be a girl? Helena Morrissey and Alison Wolf debate

Wednesday 8 March

How has the economy fared since the EU referendum last June?

More Budget clips are available here

Tuesday 7 March

How will the Lib Dems win back voters?

Chessboxing - a new Brexit battleground?

Will pro-Remain Tory MP back Brexit bill?

Look ahead to Philip Hammond's first Budget

Conservative MP on schools spending

Farron condemns 'crazy experiment'

Lib Dem leader on party's tax policy

Can Arlene Foster hang on in Northern Ireland?

UKIP v Lib Dem at speed chess

An early general election?

Iain Duncan Smith and Tim Farron on Brexit bill

Lib Dem leader on winning over pro-Brexit voters

Monday 6 March

Soapbox: Muslims 'more victimised'

Is anti-Muslim sentiment on the rise?

Publishing tax returns

Norman Smith on the future of Vauxhall

Five year economic forecasts questioned

Alex Wild of the Taxpayers' Alliance on the future of economic forecasts

A look ahead to the Budget

Can the DUP and Sinn Fein reach a deal following elections?

Business minister on Northern Ireland talks

'Direct rule not an option' says shadow minister

What's happening in politics this week?

Will the Lords pass more amendments to the Brexit bill this week?

Should politicians tone down their rhetoric about Muslims?

Sunday 5 March

Exclusive report: Islamist Terrorism in the UK

Is the UK doing enough to prevent Islamist terrorism?

Lidington on Unilateral gesture

What can be done for the Muslim community to integrate more into British society?

How prepared are we for a Paris-style terror attack?

Growth forecast will be back to where it was year ago (pre-#EUref), predicts Paul Johnson

David Lidington on Brexit trade deal

Friday 3 March

The 'fresh face' of Sinn Fein

The political week in 60 seconds

Claire Fox and George Parker on the US and Russia

UK government's Scotland secretary on Brexit

Will there be a second independence referendum?

SNP has 'the cause for a second referendum' but it could be hard to win

Plaid Cymru leader backs single market

Will the Northern Ireland election break deadlock?

Thursday 2 March

What next for Labour after Copeland?

Will last night's government defeat affect the Brexit timetable?

Pro-Leave peer on government defeat

What will Labour MPs do following government defeat?

UKIP's Liz Jones says she is not aware of disciplinary action against MP Douglas Carswell 'as yet'

Front National's Bruno Gollnisch on why Marine Le Pen tweeted 'gruesome' images of Islamic State violence

Labour elections co-ordinator on party's future

Live tweeting the past - the academics recalling the headlines from the 1997 election

'No question of mass deportations' - Lamont

Lords voted to give EU citizens in the UK a 'sense of security' claims Labour MP Andrew Gwynne

Wednesday 1 March

Leaders clash over disability payments

Corbyn: The nasty party is still around

When will 'soft coup' be triggered?

Did Mr Speaker shower this morning?

Commuters on rail strikes

Rail minister responds on Southern Rail dispute

Labour MP to union and minister: 'Sort it out'

PM's tribute to Sir Gerald Kaufman

Labour leader on Sir Gerald Kaufman

Leaders clash over disability benefits

How much notice was given of plans to change access to disability benefits?

Corbyn asks if Tories are still 'the nasty party'

PM on mental health and Copeland result

SNP Westminster leader on Brexit negotiations

Did the Speaker shower this morning?

Does the government face defeat in the Lords on the rights of EU citizens in the UK?

MPs on Budget and disability payments

Tuesday 28 February

Westminster's annual pancake race

MPs' seat shake-up report by 2018

The government's policy is one of 'deeper cuts and for longer' says shadow chancellor

Austerity has been 'the right recipe' says Conservative peer Baroness Wheatcroft

How did things turn sour between Nigel Farage and UKIP's only MP?

Show support for current leader says Welsh Assembly member

Conservative EU Leave campaigners saw Farage as a threat claims former press secretary

Sir John Major's Brexit speech felt like 'a full frontal assault'

Sir John Major offered 'helpful hints' for government's EU negotiations

Boundary Commission's Sam Hartley explains the timetable for cutting the number of MPs

Boundary changes are 'about eliminating' some Labour seats claims Stephen Kinnock

Conservatives are not 'gerrymandering' the Commons with boundary changes, says MP John Penrose

Monday 27 February

An end to freedom of movement?

Soapbox: Sugar tax

Sugar tax debate

Government looking at "fair" system of work permits says John Redwood

Government's proposals are 'not clear'

Labour's Barry Gardiner says he is not aware of a 'soft coup' against Jeremy Corbyn

Former Labour leadership contender on 'soft coup' against Jeremy Corbyn

What's happening in the political week ahead?

Sunday 26 February

Was Donald Trump right about Sweden?

Patrick O'Flynn on the future of UKIP

Kezia Dugdale: I have a plan to turn things around

What happened in the Stoke and Copeland by-elections?

Should Arron Banks be made UKIP chairman?

Swedish MP on Trump remarks

Douglas Murray on Sweden's migration policy

Friday 24 February

The political week in 60 seconds

Issues at stake in Northern Ireland vote

Stoke provides 'some comfort' for Labour

Labour MP John Woodcock on Copeland by-election

Labour's Ian Lavery on Copeland

Theresa May hails 'wonderful victory'

Labour 'surprised' by the scale of its loss

Stoke was 'a tough learning curve' for Paul Nuttall says Diane James

Cristina Odone says UKIP leader Paul Nuttall 'lost it' in Stoke

Jeremy Corbyn is 'a big problem' for Labour, says the Guardian's Rafael Behr

Andrew Neil with the numbers from Copeland and Stoke Central

Thursday 23 February

Are the young or the old better off?

Where is the political centre ground?

Has Labour secured a government concession on the Brexit bill?

Labour leader in the Lords on the Brexit bill

Conservative peer on Brexit debate in Parliament

The latest immigration figures

New migration figures are 'a step in the right direction' says MigrationwatchUK

Migrants are coming to the UK to work, says Lord Willetts

Age wealth gap debate

Rise in parish council tax bills

Labour and the centre ground

Thatcher 'moved the centre ground'

From 'just about managing' to the 'squeezed middle'

We can dab too you know...

What do you think to @afneil and @Jo_Coburn's dabs @tomwatson?

Wednesday 22 February

Were MPs misled over business rates?

PM promises help on business rates

NHS in 'state of emergency' - Corbyn

Labour deputy leader 'dabs' during PMQs

BBC home affairs correspondent on foreign spouses ruling

Shadow minister on Supreme Court judgement

Northern Ireland secretary on 'sensitive' evidence

Corbyn and May clash on NHS

NHS is in a state of emergency says Jeremy Corbyn

Conservative MP backs Jo Cox anniversary plans

Labour MP Caroline Flint on growing up in the home of a problem drinker

Greens' co-leader on business rates 'hike'

Jon Pienaar on Tony Blair statement about Guantanamo compensation

MPs on tackling 'legacy' of the Troubles

Tuesday 21 February

Meeting the candidates in the Copeland by-election

NHS local plans in England

NHS plans defended

There is a 'humanitarian crisis' in the NHS says Owen Jones

Lord Lawson and Owen Jones on the House of Lords

MP Nigel Evans defends Trump state visit plans

Trump branded an 'obnoxious, menacing President'

Who might succeed Jeremy Corbyn?

Corbyn ally's by-election predictions

Supporters split over Brexit giving Labour 'a unique problem'

Hate crime and Brexit

Brexit hate crime 'spike' disputed

Hate crime increase 'linked to referendum'

Committee calls for action on the gender pay gap

Focus on the gender pay gap is 'a Marxist idea'

Monday 20 February

On the campaign trail in Stoke-on-Trent

Soapbox: Is the National Trust too PC?

Brexit bill - what happens next?

Labour's Baroness Smith calls for 'meaningful' vote on Brexit terms

Lib Dem leader in the Lords confident that Brexit bill can be amended

Can by-election campaigners name the songs of Stoke's famous son Robbie Williams?

James Delingpole and MPs debate the National Trust

Some firms facing 'astronomical increases' in business rates says Federation of Small Businesses

A look ahead to a packed political week

Debate on Trump's visit to the UK

Sunday 12 February

Stoke by-election: Meet the candidates

Letwin: House of Lords must not derail Brexit

Matthew Goodwin on Labour

Oliver Letwin on Article 50 and the Lords

Lords "has no intention of trying to sabotage" Brexit

Labour Lords Leader: We won't sabotage Brexit

Friday 10 February

Who is in Corbyn's inner circle?

Council sets up a scheme for volunteers to make minor road repairs.

MEPs to vote on robot regulation

Who will lead Brexit talks for the EU?

European politics in 60 seconds

Thursday 9 February

Former MP Brandreth on the Dubs Agreement

Background to the Surrey funding texts

Why was council tax referendum cancelled?

Texts that should never have been sent

Why are bins emptied less often?

How often should bins be emptied?

Brexit debate: Brandreth and Gardiner

Know your Dexeu from Mixity?

Some Brexit debate highlights

Wednesday 8 February

Nick Gibb on Brexit vote timing

Andy McDonald on Brexit vote timing

How will Clive Lewis vote later today?

Looking back on John Bercow's career


Corbyn and May on health services

More on health services from May and Corbyn

PM asked about spending in Tory council area

Labour leader reads out leaked texts to 'Nick'

NHS funding question from MP recovering after cancer treatment

MP asks PM about future status of EU nationals in UK

Who is Nick in the leaked Surrey funding texts?

Labour shadow minister on leaked Surrey texts

Tory minister asked about leaked texts

Statement from Surrey County Council leader

Tuesday 7 February

Who is in the PM's Number 10 team?

What are Brexit amendments about?

Will white paper solve housing shortage?

Speaker announces Commons clerks will no longer wear wigs

Pienaar: What has the shadow cabinet decided about Brexit?

Pienaar: What will happen to Diane Abbott?

Some global leaders the Speaker has previously welcomed to Westminster

Conservative MP Shelbrooke on Bercow and Trump

Lucas: Parliament not there for the PM "to pimp out to whoever she wants to"

Monday 6 February

PM should be 'firm and respectful' to Israel

Did Labour Leave get too close to UKIP?

How to be a successful prime minister

MPs debate NHS overseas charges

Top five un-diplomatic tweets

Hoey: Diane has done herself a bit of disservice

Soames on Soubry: I love her to bits but I don't know what she means

What's in the political diary this week?

Hoey: I feel quite proud she is the prime minister

Sunday 5 February

Brexit Bill: What happens next?

Gavin Barwell on government's housing plan

What will Brexit negotiations look like?

Trump advisor: 'Don't believe the left-wing media spin'

Friday 3 February

Pienaar: Very few European countries meet that target

Soapbox: Could pub takeover be the final straw?

Why is Ukraine holding Nato referendum?

Background to 2006 the Historical Enquiries Team

Are Northern Ireland Troubles deaths being investigated?

Soapbox: Could pub takeover be the final straw?

Transport correspondent on rail disputes and talks

Thursday 2 February

Why the DP set been built in Lego?

UKIP MEP on Labour MEP's sign calling Nigel Farage a liar

Labour MEP who held up a sign calling UKIP MEP a liar

Debating French election race

French presidential elections

Labour peer on aid spending

Conservative MP on aid spending

"It is a very substantial upgrade" says Kamal Ahmed

Norman Smith on Labour MPs in Brexit vote

The road to Brexit

Wednesday 1 February

What does Truro have to offer?

PM role in Turing Bill questioned

A message from Buckingham Palace

Lib Dem leader at PMQs after criticism from Peter Bone

MP and PM question Lib Dems over Brexit

"The NHS is not for sale, and it never will be"

What more does President Trump have to do

PM asked about accepting refugees and 1951 convention

PM asked what she knew about immigration ban

Corbyn recalls PM's words about President Trump

Labour leader's tribute to Tam Dalyell

Do MPs know referendum results in some constituencies?

Why not postpone Trump visit, Tory MP is asked

MPs on US immigration ban and possible Trump ban

Donald Trump has been president for 10 days

Tuesday 31 January

Moodbox: Is there love in the air for Donald Trump?

'Of course I was offended' says SNP MP

Conservative MP on HS2

Labour lord on HS2

Conservative MEP on US immigration ban

Questions for Boris Johnson

Labour's leader in the House of Lords on Brexit vote

Jo Coburn asks Norman Smith: How big a moment is this?

This is the big one, says Jo Coburn ahead of Brexit debate

Monday 30 January

On track for Brexit?

Desert Island Disc celebrates 75 years

Some of the politicians who have shared their musical choices

What's in the political diary this week?

I am not about being the puppet master for the leader of the Labour Party

Why does Gerard Coyne want to get away from "political game playing in Westminster"

PM meets devolved leaders

UKIP MEP on US travel restrictions

Who is affected by US immigration ban?

Sunday 29 January

Nigel Farage: Trump was elected to get tough

Tory MP Heidi Allen on Trump's clampdown on immigration

'PM should have felt braver to condemn Trump ban'

Nigel Farage on Trump's immigration ban

"What is controversial about defending the Mexican border?"

Farage: I think Paul Nuttall will win Stoke by-election

Nigel Farage on Brexit

Friday 27 January

The UK will meet President Trump for face-to-face talks

Peter Hitchens and Rachel Shabi on May-Trump meeting

Is the UK special relationship still intact?

Will the White House learn how to spell Theresa May's first name

Labour MPs under three-line whip to vote for Article 50

Owen Smith: Article 50 'bad for Britain'

Why is May first leader to meet Trump?

UK politics in one minute

Dutch TV drama about the EU's HQ

Dublin challenge to UK leaving the EU

"I am not stupid, I read the papers, I listen to you, I watch the Daily Politics religiously, of course"

Thursday 26 January

Government publishes Brexit bill

Why do bells ring all round Westminster?

Don't be bamboozled by Brexit jargon

Which party is standing up for workers?

We've had the latest growth figures for the UK economy this morning,

Economists review past economic forecasts

Hoyle: We have got a good Speaker who is going nowhere.

Wednesday 25 January

What's the timetable between now and the triggering of Article 50?

Who is Scotland's biggest trading partner?

PM confirms Brexit White Paper

PM accused of 'bargain basement Britain'

Are grammar schools being short-changed?

PM asked about cuts to maintained nursery schools

Tariff question for the PM

PM asked about Donald Trump's torture policy

Jeremy Corbyn reminded of Mayor of London's words

Assaults on NHS staff to be a specific offence?

Corbyn and May trade Trump taunts

Miliband 'never knew he was so popular'

Former Labour leader's message to Donald Trump (via the PM)

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs

Tuesday 24 January

So what have we learned today?

What does Theresa May do now?

What do Jeremy Corbyn and opposing parties do now?

Debate: What now for UK's Brexit plan?

Should judges approve strike action?

Will the UK burn the EU red tape?

Debate: What will peers do about Article 50?

Monday 23 January

Correspondent in Cheshire where the Cabinet is meeting

What is exciting and worrying voters?

Film: Why UK isn't driving to an electric dream

Debate: Will electric cars really tackle pollution?

The most annoying political phrases?

Why didn't Cameron make Trident test public?

Labour MP on Trident missile test going off course

How do we leave EU in most beneficial way?

Jones: We don't re-fight the referendum - that is done

Jones: We have to get the best deal for Wales and other nations within the UK

'She outlined for vision for Breakfast.. Brexit'

The political week ahead

Sunday 22 January

How the world reacted to PM's Brexit speech

Diane Abbott on Article 50 and single market

What will Trump's presidency look like?

Margot James on the government's Industrial Strategy

"I do not believe we are going to lose" - Diane Abbott

Labour's position on remaining 'member' of single market?

Will there be a three-line whip?

James Rubin on US/China relations

Will President Trump's America be more involved in the world?

Trump's extraordinary few days - Adam Fleming

Friday 20 January

President Trump's first day

Does Jacob Rees-Mogg support Donald Trump

Why Labour MP will vote against Article 50

Will voters back £70m council tax rise?

The next European Parliament president

The home of Mrs Trump and Melania cake

A one-minute video guide to European politics

Thursday 19 January

Weber: 'Better to split up EU or work together?'

What's going on in Davos?

Carswell film: Politics 'Up or down, not left or right'

Debate: Is there optimism in UK politics?

'Scotland is England's biggest export destination'

Trump’s first TV pitch for president?

Wednesday 18 January

German view of PM's Brexit speech

UK's future trading relationship with EU and rest of the world

Where does Labour stand on customs union?

'Yesterday, the PM snubbed Parliament'

"Not so much the Iron Lady as the 'irony' lady"

Does she now disagree with herself?

'Is she just stringing the people of Scotland along?'

Robertson and May on Scotland, jobs and Brexit

"It's called leadership, he should try it some time

"I'm happy to accommodate her. I can do bacon and eggs."

Southern rail passengers should be "able to get on with their lives, get on with their jobs"

"Is she just happy to oversee the possible collapse of the NHS on her watch?"

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQ

Who will be the next Speaker in Parliament?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the bookies' favourite to be the next Speaker

Tuesday 17 January

Key points from the PM's speech

Political reaction to PM's Europe speech: Tim Farron

Political reaction to PM's Europe speech: Suzanne Evans

Political reaction to PM's Europe speech: Theresa Villiers

Political reaction to PM's Europe speech: Barry Gardiner

"No deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain"

PM does not want 'unlimited transitional status'

"Days of Britain making vast contributions to the EU every year will end"

"Gov't will put final deal to a vote in both houses of parliament

PM on converting EU law into UK law

PM on the EU's future without the UK

PM opens her speech on Europe

The road to the UK's exit from the EU

BBC assistant political editor previews PM's speech

Monday 16 January

Parliament repairs should start 'immediately'

Shailesh Vara and Chris Bryant on rebuilding Parliament

Will UK and US agree quick post-Brexit trade deal?

Is politics being commercialised?

What's coming up in the political week?

Creagh: Michael Foot would never have done that stunt

Gove: I think diplomacy is not my strong suit

Gove asked: What's it like interviewing Donald Trump?

NI correspondent with a Stormont update

Donald Trump is a fan of Brexit

Does Chris Bryant want to be the next Speaker?

Sunday 15 January

What would Section 40 do to the British press?

Tim Farron on Theresa May and single market

Max Mosley on press regulation

Should GPs work more hours?

Friday 13 January

A 'coup d'email' within Momentum?

Reaction to changes within Momentum

What do all these Brexit terms mean?

So you want to know all about the Brexit terms?

A high-speed round-up of the week in politics

Who is doing well in council by-elections?

Labour now faces 'a very tricky by-election in Stoke'

Sir Christopher Meyer on Russian views of UK intelligence

Next Friday Mr Trump will become Mr President

Thursday 12 January

Does the English NHS have the money it needs?

Is this Trump's new ambassador to the EU?

Reaction to Donald Trump's press conference

'The UK is now at the front of the queue'

Why home secretary was reported for hate speech

Memories of Prof Anthony King

John Curtice recalls Anthony King

Looking back at Michael Howard and his prison policies

Lord Howard on David Cameron's EU deal

Why did the Remain campaign lose?

Why did Leave side win?

Wednesday 11 January

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs

Red Cross warning 'irresponsible and overblown'

'Our NHS is in crisis but the PM is in denial'

The Hamiltons talk nepotism in politics

DUP MP asks the PM about Northern Ireland peace process

PM asked about downgrading Dewsbury Hospital facilities

Labour MP asks PM about claims of single market uncertainty

SNP leader asks PM about N Ireland political situation

PMQs: Corbyn questions PM on NHS waiting times

PMQs: SNP question on Brexit

Did shadow cabinet discuss cap for maximum salaries?

Damian Green on trolley waits and 'bed blocking'

What's causing problems with the NHS in England?

Tuesday 10 January

Labour MP asked about maximum wage cap

NHS efficiencies 'too ambitious' says Lansley

Why has Martin McGuinness resigned?

What now for Northern Ireland politics?

What happened to the Blairites?

Is it wrong for morris dancers to paint their face black?

Bus Pass Elvis leaves political building

Monday 9 January

Jewish Chronicle political editor on undercover reporter's footage

What's in the political diary this week?

What is the shared society?

What do we know about UK plans for post-Brexit trade?

New chair of commission on trade at the Legatum Institute

'Time for new ideas' on the NHS

'UKIP is more important now than ever before'

Reaction to May speech on mental health funding

What does the NHS need?

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