What the Scottish papers say

"Thank God it's over" is the News of the World's headline as it gives Celtic manager Neil Lennon's apparent reaction to hearing two men had been charged with sending him a parcel bomb.

SNP activists are criticising Alex Salmond's party for failing to fight for a complete break from the rest of the UK, according to Scotland on Sunday.

The Sunday Times says the former Tory Secretary of State for Scotland, Lord Forsyth, has advised David Cameron to consider abandoning legislation to extend the powers of the Scottish Parliament in an attempt to save the union with England.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Herald asks the question, "Independence: what does England think?", as it argues that the SNP's landslide victory at the Scottish election means a referendum on independence is now inevitable.

The Sunday Mail claims taxpayers lost more than £700,000 when a top Scottish management firm went bust after attempting to sell online snooker coverage to the Chinese.

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