Lib Dem Scots campaign director Andrew Reeves dies

The Liberal Democrats' campaign director in Scotland, Andrew Reeves, has died suddenly at the age of 43.

He had played a key role in the party's recent election bids. The cause of death is unconfirmed.

Colleagues and friends have been paying tribute to Mr Reeves on blogs and social networking sites.

A party spokeswoman said Mr Reeves's family has requested privacy and said the Lib Dems would not currently be making any official announcements.

Paying tribute to Mr Reeves, Mark Pack, co-editor of the Liberal Democrat Voice blog, wrote: "Andrew had a long career in the party, including working for Vince Cable in Twickenham and Lynne Featherstone in Hornsey and Wood Green, and stewarding at party conferences.

"Andrew was always one of the happiest and kindest people on the campaigns I worked with him on."

Another colleague, Stephen Glenn, who works for the party in Northern Ireland, said of Mr Reeves: "He was a man with an immense heart for the party, for campaigning, for those he knew.

"To all my colleagues, friends and fellow campaigners, not just in Scotland but everywhere who were touched by this man that so many of us today know we have lost a dear friend."

Mr Reeves was an avid blogger and online communicator, writing the Andrew Reeves Running Blog.

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