All of Edinburgh is a stage - even the loos

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Media captionAll Edinburgh's a stage - even the loos

We all know the phrase: "All the world's a stage."

Well, in Edinburgh, in August, it is true.

Each year the Edinburgh Fringe turns the oddest locations into places for theatre and performance.

I visited four of the most unique sets, including a spooky child's bedroom, an allotment, Edinburgh Zoo and a ladies' loo.

The toilet is in the New Town Theatre on George Street.

Actress Deborah Lampard, from Sailing On, said the ladies' toilets were a "sacred female storytelling space".

But men are also invited to catch the "chance meeting with Ophelia and Virginia Woolf".

Ms Lampard said: "Every man who has come in so far has commented on how exciting it is to be allowed into this sacred and secret space."

Another unusual location is Edinburgh Zoo where you can take a look at the "human animals".

Janice Claxton is choreographer of the Enclosure 99 dance production.

She said: "There are all sorts of other animals in Edinburgh Zoo and humans are an animal.

"We are very connected to other animals, particularly the other primates. We are just another bunch of apes."

From the zoo to the Inverleith Park Allotments.

Kate Nelson, the director of Allotment, said: "This is my allotment. It is my own. I have rented for the past five years.

"So this year I have had to dig up quite a lot of my own produce to make space for an audience."

Finally, we enter a virtual world.

Alma Mater takes place in a specially-constructed child's bedroom.

That is real enough but the story plays out on an ipad.

Eilidh MacAskill, artistic director, said: "The film takes you through the space and you find out about the range of characters who live in the room."

It is a bit spooky.