Mirazozo shines new light on Fringe

One of the most extraordinary sights at the Edinburgh Fringe this year is the Mirazozo, a giant inflatable that is illuminated by natural light.

Every morning the mass of silver plastic is blown-up and transformed into a huge shining structure of domes and tunnels.

It is designed to enhance and alter the audience's visual perceptions.

Artistic director Alan Parkinson said: "I want people to be stimulated by a sense of light and colour and I built these big structures to try to frame the experience.

"The colours are a very small part of the structure. Most of it is opaque. So it is a bit like working with stained glass in a cathedral."

All the light you see is natural daylight made luminous by the contrast of colours and the use of seams and lines.

Quiet contemplation

The designers hope the Mirazozo, which sits in George Square Gardens as part of the Assembly venue, will provide a place of quiet contemplation removed from the frenetic activity of the Fringe outside.

The Mirazozo's dome is the largest open space structure that the company has built so far but the beginnings of the project were small.

Mr Parkinson first started experimenting with pneumatic sculptures as part of his job with the probation service in the 1980s.

From working with offenders erecting small-scale inflatables for community groups it grew to the prestige projects that have been outside the Sydney Opera House and now the Edinburgh Fringe.