Scottish primary headteachers to strike on 30 November

Headteachers and deputies at primary schools across Scotland will go out on strike at the end of the month.

Leaders of the Association of Headteachers and Deputes agreed to join other public sector unions in a day of action over pensions on 30 November.

The union had earlier said its 1,400 members were "horrified" by the UK government's pension changes.

They said the changes would mean members would have to pay more, work longer and get less in retirement.

The AHDS was founded 36 years ago as a breakaway from the EIS union and it has never before even balloted for industrial action.

The union's leaders delayed committing to the day of action for public sector unions because the government offered some concessions on proposed changes to pensions.

But they now say these concessions do not go far enough.

The Scottish government has said it does not agree with the UK government's proposed changes to public sector pensions.

But it said the financial penalties threatened if it did not implement them gave it no choice but to consult on the changes.

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