Bullying claims investigated at Scottish Police College

An investigation has begun at the Scottish Police College after a survey revealed more than a quarter of staff claim to have been bullied.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said the allegations at Tulliallan college were being taken "extremely seriously".

College bosses commissioned an anonymous survey of employees after the trade union Unison made allegations of systematic bullying.

The Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA) will hold the investigation.

The survey asked employees if they had personally been bullied or harassed by a manager or another colleague at the college.

Of those who answered, 28.2% - 46 people - said they had been a victim of bullying.

When asked if there was a culture of systematic bullying within the Scottish Police College, 13.1% - 21 people - thought this was the case while 86.9% of respondents rejected this.

Significant allegations

Mr MacAskill said: "The government takes bullying at work extremely seriously and I am delighted that action has been taken to investigate by the SPSA.

"I have the utmost faith in those currently dealing with the matter to make sure it is addressed, because it is an issue that must be.

"Clearly these allegations are significant, they are serious, but they are being investigated."

Over half of all respondents, 52.9%, described it as being a "great place to work", with a further 29.9% regarding it as a "good" workplace.

Initial feedback from the independent investigation is expected within two to three weeks.

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