As-it-happened: Dunfermline by-election

Key points

  • Labour won the Scottish Parliament Dunfermline by-election, with the SNP coming second
  • The contest was sparked by the resignation of MSP Bill Walker, who was jailed after being convicted on charges of domestic abuse
  • A total of seven candidates stood to become the new MSP for the area

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  • Andrew Black 
  • Doug Kennedy 
  • Jamie Ross 

Last updated 25 October 2013

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Labour's Cara Hilton has won the Dunfermline by-election.


Hello, good evening and welcome to our coverage of the Scottish Parliament Dunfermline by-election.


Glenn Campbell is hosting a special BBC Two by-election programme, which you will be able to watch here, from 23:00. He will be joined by BBC Scotland's political editor Brian Taylor, while Aileen Clarke will reporting all the latest from the count.


A total of seven candidates are standing in this by-election - one from each of the main parties - plus the Greens, UKIP and an independent.


@tommy_ball @PeatWorrier thought it was interesting that the FM was out this evening. He'd not be near the place if the SNP didn't think they'd win...


Andrew Black, Political reporter, BBC Scotland

Aside from the Bill Walker situation, this has been an interesting contest. Dunfermline is traditional Labour country, yet it was won by the SNP during the party's historic landslide victory at the last Scottish Parliament election, but with a majority of just 590 votes.


@tartanmaganas I expect #Labour to take #Dunfermline. But rule nothing out. The #SNP could well hold it, despite being up against the odds. #Dunfermline


Newsnight Scotland

Setting up for tonight's Newsnight Scotland special, on air and online from 23:00.


BBC Scotland's intrepid reporter at the count, Aileen Clarke, says all the ballot boxes are due to arrive by about 22:45 to allow counting to begin, with a result expected between 01:00 and 01:30.