Scotland's newspapers on Thursday

Many of the papers continue to focus on the Scottish government's White Paper on independence, which was unveiled on Tuesday.

They carry reports on comments by the Spanish prime minister, who has suggested that an independent Scotland would have to apply to become a member of the EU from the outside.

However, Mariano Rajoy did not say he would seek to block an independent Scotland's subsequent entry to the EU.

The Scottish government maintains it will remain a member of the EU as part of the UK, while it applies for membership as an independent state.

The Scotsman describes the comments as a major blow to Alex Salmond's view of European Union membership.

The Times said they "critically undermined" the first minister's White Paper.

"Scotland will be forced out of the EU," is the Telegraph's headline.

The Herald says there was a "double backlash" over his blueprint, in the form of the Spanish prime minster's comments and also new figures that raised questions about his economic case for independence.

The Scottish Daily Mail claimed Salmond's dream was "in tatters" following a series of blows.

Meanwhile, The Press & Journal says farms in the Highlands could earn more than £50,000 a year renting out their land to sites for large scale solar power farms.

A group of escaped cows caused misery for rush-hour motorists after wandering on one of Scotland's busiest motorways, writes The Courier.

The Scottish Sun carries a story on a former employee of Rangers Football Club.

The ex-girlfriend of a serial rapist, feared to be behind 11 attacks, has spoken to the Daily Record after he was found guilty of a "horrific catalogue of violence".

According to the Scottish Daily Express, David Cameron has answered an outcry over mass EU immigration by ordering a new crackdown.

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