First time voters write about their 2013 Christmas plans

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Five members of the BBC's Generation 2014 panel of first time voters have been writing about their plans for Christmas.

They tell of their faith, the "buzz" of the festive season, family traditions and revising for exams in January.

Fifty young people who will be eligible to take part in the referendum next year have signed up to the BBC project.

Over the coming months, the 16 and 17-year-olds are going to offer their opinions on TV, radio, and online.

Amina Davidson

Image caption Amina Davidson is from Edinburgh

"I celebrate Christmas in a fairly traditional way with my extremely small family of just my mother and myself. Christmas Day is always exciting, despite how quiet and sometimes lonely it can be.

"I really enjoy the buzz of Christmas approaching and seeing all the beautiful trees and lights spring up all over the place. However, I feel that this magic is being suppressed by the modern consumerist, materialistic portrayal of Christmas.

"Living in Edinburgh, renowned for its festivities, I am completely immersed in the festive atmosphere and it's always nice to have friends from far and wide coming to experience the dazzle.

"Most people say that the older you get, the less exciting Christmas becomes but I still wake up at the crack of dawn to open my presents so I have no reason to believe this is true.

"This year I will be extremely busy during the Christmas holidays working on a production with Scottish Youth Theatre and the BBC, as well as having my birthday on the 30th so it'll be a totally different but incredibly exciting festive period for me."

Finlay Allmond

Image caption Finlay lives in the Highlands

"Christmas is a time for family, but also a time for faith.

"At home my family do all the usual Christmassy things such as paper hats, decorations and presents but we also go to church on Christmas Day.

"Christmas is a time that I think everyone should remember why it really happens - without Christ you would just have 'mas' presents and that's not nearly as good.

"This year Christmas will be a bit different. Straight after Christmas Day I'll have to start revising for my prelims in January. Many of my friends are getting stressed about this but I'm going to try and not let it stress me out.

"I think Christmas should be a time of happiness for all. Whatever situation you're in, wherever you are in the world, whether you want an iPad for Christmas or just a warm meal, just remember the true meaning of Christmas."

Kirsty Hebdon

Image caption Kirsty is from the Borders

"Christmas is my favourite time of year and my family and I celebrate Christmas in a traditional way.

"At our house on Christmas morning, we open stockings first and then have a big family breakfast. We then open our presents and, in the afternoon, have a huge Christmas dinner. My family are hugely important at this time of year as we do everything together.

"My friends and I take part in a 'secret Santa' together and that's always fun. I enjoy receiving presents but I love giving them too - any excuse to pick something nice from the shops for friends and family.

"We have an annual cinema trip to Ocean Terminal and always go for brunch at a friend's house. These holidays will be spent revising but hopefully Christmas will be as fun and family-filled as always."

Momin Mehmood

Image caption Momin is from Glasgow

"Christmas - the one time of the year that everyone looks forward to. Be it old or young, male or female, child or adult, everyone looks forward to it. And I'm no different.

"Christmas is the time of the year that I anxiously await. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, so we don't give gifts and drink eggnog, but, really, I don't think that's what Christmas is about.

"I think Christmas is about spending time with your family. For me, it is the one time where I don't have to keep up with the fast-paced life that everyone goes through every day.

"Everything seems different; everyone is in a festive and joyous mood, and all of this takes off the stress and pressure that everyday life can sometimes put you under.

"So for me, Christmas is that time of the year where I can just take a step back from everything and be... well, me."

Sabina Jedrzejczyk

Image caption Sabina lives in Edinburgh

"In Poland, Christmas Eve is a day where all of my family comes together to celebrate Christmas.

"We wait until the first star appears in the night sky and then we go for our special dinner.

"The dinner is made out of 12 different Polish traditional meatless dishes and is set on a beautifully decorated table. But, right before we start eating we divide the holy wafer with the whole family.

"During the dinner or right after it, we go to the Christmas tree to unwrap our presents.

"For me, Christmas is a day when you can spend great time with your family members. The best thing about this time of the year is sharing your wishes and presents with people that you love.

"I really enjoy Christmas because it's a fantastic and magic time.

"This year I will be spending my Christmas holidays with my parents and brother, but most of the time I will be in Glasgow preparing for a documentary."

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