Scottish independence: 'Yes' vote could hit energy sector, says UK government

Wind turbines The UK government said Scotland got 28% of subsidies for renewables while the nation accounted for 10% of electricity sales

An independent Scotland could expect to lose subsidies to green energy investment from the rest of the UK, the UK government has warned.

It estimates the average Scottish bill would rise by between £38 and £189 per year, if Scots are to sustain the current plans for renewable power.

The paper added that a "continuing UK would not be obliged to purchase energy from an independent Scottish state."

The Scottish government said the paper was "yet more scaremongering".

Earlier this week, the Scottish government set out its argument that the rest of the UK would rely on imports to meet its green power obligations.

However, this is disputed in a paper on energy produced by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, which is being published as UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey visits Edinburgh.

It says: "The decision to import energy from an independent Scottish state would be taken on a commercial basis and in the national interest of the continuing UK."

It counters claims from the SNP administration that both countries would wish to operate a shared all-Britain energy market.

Mr Davey told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "I think Britain's single energy market - where we are integrated as we are now, where energy flows across the border very easily - that makes our energy more secure, it keeps costs down and it will enable us to go green, to go low carbon. Split that up and all those benefits go."

The minister added: "As secretary of state for energy and climate change for the whole of the UK, I really care about what is happening in Scotland. If I am no longer secretary of state for energy in Scotland I have to put the interests of consumers in England and Wales and Northern Ireland first."

His point was made clear in the Whitehall document which said a common approach "would be very difficult when both would want to make decisions in the best interests of their citizens and consumers".


"Scotland exports a lot of its green energy to the rest of the UK - supplying around a third of the UK's renewable power.

"That's a very close relationship in an area that's become one of the hottest political potatoes, so the future of energy has become an important issue in the referendum debate.

"It is certainly true that Scotland depends on the rest of the UK to buy its green energy at a subsidised price in order to sustain its big renewables industry.

"But it is also true that the UK depends on Scotland to supply them with enough energy to feed a growing demand and to meet its European targets for renewable power.

"The reality of this double dependency means that some kind of deal is likely to be struck if Scotland votes for independence, but the details of that deal and how much customers in Scotland would end up paying are far from clear."

It adds: "With a range of generation sources within its own borders and elsewhere, a continuing UK would not be obliged to purchase energy from an independent Scottish state."

The Westminster government paper, being published ahead of the 18 September independence referendum, says the UK is ranked second in the world for energy security.

However, the Scottish government argues that Scotland is Europe's most energy-rich nation, due to oil, gas, hydro, offshore wind, wave and tidal resources, and that the UK government has failed to ensure security of supply because of its policy delays.

Scotland's Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said the UK government paper was evidence of "yet more scaremongering".

He said ministers at Westminster would do better to maintain an amicable approach with Scotland.

Mr Ewing said he had not seen the energy document but his guess was that it would be misleading.

He believed it would not include costs of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point nor the decommissioning costs associated with Sellafield.

Mr Ewing told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme: "There is not sufficient capacity to ensure that we can keep the lights on without emergency measures such as asking businesses to shut down and bringing back mothballed plants into operation at much higher costs.

"The net upshot of all of this is that prices will rise because the UK has failed in its primary objective of securing sufficient indigenous electricity supply."

Ed Davey The report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change coincides with a visit to Edinburgh by UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey

However, UK Energy Secretary Mr Davey insisted that "all costs" had been taken into account. He added that what Mr Ewing had overlooked was that nuclear power was far cheaper than renewable energy, like offshore wind, is currently.

'Little difference'

A report published last month by Exane BNP Paribas is being highlighted by the SNP, saying political risk associated with UK energy policy has risen steeply in the past year.

With uncertainty about subsidy levels and the Labour leadership promising a temporary freeze on bills, the industry report says that the UK is now perceived as the country with the greatest political risk in the European energy sector.

The Whitehall analysis says that, in the event of a referendum "Yes" vote, the loss of responsibility for meeting Scottish demand for electricity would mean it would make little difference to the security of supply for the rest of the UK.

Scottish turbine The Scottish government says Scotland has massive oil, gas, hydro, offshore wind, wave and tidal resources

It goes on to claim that Scotland gets a disproportionately high share of support for green energy, receiving 28% of subsidies for renewables in 2012-13 while the country accounts for 10% of UK electricity sales.

It says Scottish grid improvements have taken nearly 30% of investment earmarked for the British grid between 2013 and 2021.

The paper claimed that remoter Scottish communities could not count, post-independence, on a subsidy for remote households which is backed by bill-payers across Britain, or on continued support for gas supply in some towns off the grid system.

Although the UK government has been criticised for the apparent lack of effective competition in the energy supply market, DECC argues that a smaller Scottish market could face less competition, and lose the "downward pressure on energy prices".

New member

There is also a warning that the obligations on Scotland to generate a share of its power from renewable sources is uncertain under independence, and could be raised as a result of negotiations on joining the European Union as a new member state.

On oil and gas, the paper says an independent Scotland would have to provide support of ten times as much as the UK - about £3,800 per head - to match the £20bn the UK government has committed towards decommissioning of North Sea equipment.

Scottish ministers hail Aberdeen as "Europe's oil and gas capital", while saying Glasgow was now the leading research centre in Europe for offshore wind technology. They say independence would allow Scotland to build on that success.

Scotland could expect to lose subsidies to green energy investment from the rest of the UK if the nation becomes independent, the UK government has warned.

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Scotland Live

    The day's round-up. 23:06: Andrew Southwick BBC Scotland

    It has been another fruitful day for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games, with two silver and three bronze medals.

    Aileen McGlynn and Louise Haston won their second silver medals of the Games in the para-sport tandem kilo.

    Katie Archibald took bronze in the women's cycling 25k points race with 33 points, defeated only be the amazingly talent pair of Elinor Barker and gold medal winner Laura Trott.

    Elinor Barker (left), Laura Trott (centre) and Scotland's Katie Archibald with their medals

    Scotland took silver in the 4x200m freestyle relay, and Hannah Miley was also successful in the pool with a bronze in the 200m individual medley.

    Two athletes got engaged. McGlynn added a diamond ring to her silver medal, and Chris Pritchard climbed into the crowd to propose to his new fiance.

    However, the night belongs to 13-year-old Erraid Davies, with the Shetland kid winning bronze in the para-sport women's 100m breastroke.

    That's all from me tonight, join us again at 7.00am tomorrow.

    Scotland hit 30 22:35:

    Here's how the medal table looks, with Scotland just three medals short of the 33 haul they managed the last time they hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1986.

    Commonwealth Games medal table Sunday 27 July

    Four more medals gets them to the pre-games target of 34 that Team Scotland set themselves.

    Via Twitter

    She is trending worldwide, and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond is as proud as the rest of us over 13-year-old Erraid Davies' stunning success in the para-sport 100m breaststroke.

    He tweeted: Congrats to Scotland's youngest-ever Commonwealth Games competitor Erraid Davies winning a brilliant Bronze #GoScotland

    Via Twitter Richard Gordon Sportsound presenter

    tweets: Men's 4 x 200m freestyle celebrate their silver medal success....

    Team Scotland celebrate silver in the 4x200m relay
    Tomorrow's weather 22:05:

    It is set to be fairly sunny on Monday, but no-where near the tropical heat we enjoyed this week.

    Scattered, sharp showers across the north will move into southern areas overnight, perhaps turning thundery, with more prolonged rain in some western parts. Drier in the north later.

    Yes Scotland 21:53:

    Commenting on Team Scotland's medal haul at Glasgow, which has now surpassed the Delhi total of 26 after only four days of competition, performance director at the sportscotland institute of sport, Mike Whittingham, said: "It has been a terrific start in Glasgow by Team Scotland. To surpass the total medal count at Delhi after only four days is incredible.

    Scotland's Judo stars celebrate their medals

    "The athletes and the coaches deserve enormous credit and, thanks to Scottish Government and lottery funding, we now have the most sophisticated high performance system in Scotland ever.

    "This collaborative approach between the athletes, coaches, governing bodies of sport, and sportscotland experts and practitioners is striking gold, silver, and bronze at Glasgow, and to equal Team Scotland's best ever gold medal tally of 11 already and win 30 medals so far is phenomenal."

    Aileen McGlynn gets engaged after winning silver Via Twitter

    Team_Scotland tweets: What a night in the Sir @chrishoy Veldrome - we now have 2 newly engaged Cyclists! #GoScotland

    Scottish record smashed into the relay 21:38:

    It is yet another medal for Scotland, who take silver in the 4x200m freestyle relay.

    The team of Dan Wallace, Stephen Milne, Duncan Scott and Robbie Renwick fought gallantly and led for most of what was a fascinating dual between the Scots, Australia and South Africa.

    Not only do they net the silver which brings Scotland's tally for the games up to 30, they smashed the previous Scottish record by five seconds.

    Via Twitter Richard Gordon Sportsound presenter

    tweets: Bronze for thirteen year old Erraid Davies in the Para-Sport 100m breaststroke. Hardly a dry eye in the house..

    Richard Gordon tweets a photo of bronze medallist Erraid Davies receiving her medal
    Armitage into final 20:54:

    Katie Armitage has made it to the 100m breastroke final. Unfortunately fellow Scots Kathryn Johnstone and Corrie Scott did not post fast enough times.

    Scottish interest in the pool continues this evening with the men's 4x200m freestyle relay final.

    Via Twitter Phil Goodlad BBC Scotland

    The fellow Shetlander tweets: 13 year old Erraid Davies. Shetland salutes you. Very proud #Glasgow2014

    13 year old nets bronze 20:19:

    The Glasgow Games continue to amaze. Scotland's youngest ever Commonwealth Games competitor Erraid Davies, just 13 years of age, has won bronze in the women's para-sport 100m breaststroke SB9.

    Erraid Davies won bronze at the Commonwealth Games

    She was way back in the first 50m but powered back in the second 50 to take the medal. Stunning stuff from the girl from the Shetland Islands.

    Shortly afterwards Hannah Miley added another bronze medal to Scotland's growing collection with another excellent performance in the 200m individual medley.

    That means Scotland's medal haul for the day, so far, is one silver and three bronze. It also means Team Scotland are just five medals away from their pre-Games target of 34.

    Triple hope 20:17:

    All three Scots have qualified for tomorrow's 50m breaststroke final - Mark Tulley, Joe Welstead and Ross Murdoch.

    Murdoch, who already has two medals from the Games in the bag, says he hopes the crowd will be loud tomorrow to cheer them on.

    Glaswegians have "stolen the show" 20:01:

    The leader of Glasgow City Council says the people of the city have "stolen the show" after the busiest day of the Commonwealth Games so far.

    Glasgow 2014 marathon runners on Buchanan Street.

    Gordon Matheson said he was delighted that an estimated 30,000 people had flooded the streets to cheer on athletes running in the marathon, with total attendances at the city's free live sites topping the 225,000 mark only four days into the Games.

    He said: "Glasgow is a city that knows how to party and it has been fantastic to see so many people having the time of their lives over the past few days.

    "The city centre is jumping as we celebrate the biggest party Scotland has ever seen."

    Via Twitter Team Scotland's Lewis Benson

    tweets: Scotland's newest boxing star @reecemcf make sure you follow this boy he's going to win the games!! #RT #ClassAct

    Scotland's boxing hope Reece McFadden defeated England's Charlie Edwards
    What is your Glasgow 2014 highlight so far? 19:39:

    Scotland's gold rush in the opening days of Glasgow 2014 has offered many memorable images and experiences for athletes, reporters and the public alike.

    Katie Archibald

    Ross Murdoch, Euan Burton, Chris Sherrington and Neil Fachie have become household names in the past few days.

    BBC Scotland reporters, who have been out and about at the various events, have shared their highlights so far...

    Glasgow 2014 highlights so far...

    Rangers statement 19:30:

    Rangers Football Club have released a statement reaffirming their desire to not grant security over Ibrox to any organisation during the upcoming football season.

    The board says it will not enter into any form of sale, securitisation or leaseback of the stadium.

    Rangers say they will not grant security over Ibrox to any organisation during the upcoming football season.

    The statement says: "The board of Rangers Football Club is committed to protecting the assets of the club for the benefit of all Rangers fans and to adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance.

    "Season ticket sales are continuing throughout the next few weeks ahead of the start of the season and we are grateful to the thousands of supporters who have already bought for the 2014/15 campaign.

    "Events over the past few weeks have reminded everybody of the remarkably testing period our incredible supporters have been through in recent years and now is the time for us all to look forwards, together."

    Never mind a medal, here's a diamond ring Via Twitter Jim Spence BBC Sport

    tweets: Scotland's Chris Pritchard climbs up the boards to go on bended knee to propose to his partner after his race at the velodrome. It looks like a yes

    Bogus bank scam 19:10:

    Police in West Lothian have issued a security warning after a number of people were conned out of money in a bogus bank scam.

    In the latest incident, an elderly woman lost "a significant sum of money" after a phone call from a man claiming to work for Bank of Scotland.

    He said her account was under attack and she would have to transfer money to a new account he had set up.

    A police spokesman said: "We have received a number of similar reports."

    He added: "Always check with your branch if you receive such a phone call."

    Adlington's medal horror 19:05:

    Scottish judo star Sarah Adlington caused panic in the athletes village when she lost her Commonwealth Games gold medal on Saturday night.

    Judo star Sarah Adlington with her prized Commonwealth Games gold medal

    Adlington realised she was without her prized possession when she sat down for dinner, but simply thought she was the victim of a prank, which would have been a brave thing to do considering she is the +78kgs heavyweight Commonwealth champion.

    However, when the medal was not returned a frantic search was launched, with security eventually finding the medal stuck in the x-ray machine.

    A sail up the Clyde 18:56:

    The Commonwealth Flotilla sailed from Greenock to Glasgow on Saturday and BBC Scotland had the honour of being on board the Ocean Youth Trust Scotland boat Alba Endeavour with a camera. We hope you enjoy taking a virtual sail.

    England edge out hosts 18:47:

    And talking of rugby sevens, it's agony for Scotland as they lose an exciting plate match against England 15-12.

    However, there is a Scottish win over England in the boxing, with the nation's new "Cheeky Boy" Reece McFadden winning by unanimous decision over Charlie Edwards.

    Ibrox rugby record 18:44:

    Commonwealth Games rugby fans have set a new world record this weekend. Some 180,000 people have watched the rugby sevens in Glasgow over the weekend, which breaks the attendance record for the sport by 30,000.

    BBC Coverage 18:37:

    Live coverage of Glasgow 2014 continues on BBC Sportsound. 810MW/95-95FM/on digital radio and online

    Travel update Traffic Scotland

    tweets: A90 M90 J11 Barnhill - St Madoes - Accident, All lanes restricted Northbound for up to 30 minutes #TSIncident

    Also, a tree has fallen over the northbound carraigeway on the A83 incident approx 3 miles south of Inveraray at Auchendrain. Police directing traffic at present.

    Bronze for Scotland 18:05:

    Katie Archibald takes bronze in the women's cycling 25k points race with 33 points, taking Scotland up to 27 medals for the Games and more than the 26 they won in Delhi four years ago.

    Katie Archibald wins bronze in the women's cycling points race with 33 points

    Archibald finished behind Wales' Elinor Barker and gold medal winner Laura Trott of England.

    Yes voters stage BBC protest 17:49:

    Protestors gathered outside BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow this afternoon to protest over the corporation's coverage of September's independence referendum.

    Supporters of a yes vote in September's independence referendum gather near the BBC's Pacific Quay building

    This was the third demonstration that supporters of a yes vote have held outside the BBC's Pacific Quay building, claiming the BBC's coverage has been biased.

    Campaigners accuse BBC of bias

    Good evening 17:29: Andrew Southwick BBC Scotland

    After Stevie Miller's rotten luck with Scottish medals, I'm hoping for better. I'll be here until late with all the latest news, sport, weather and travel from across the country, with Hannah Miley's attempt at another medal in the Women's 200m individual medley final the highlight of tonight's Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games action.

    Send your comments and pics via Twitter using #ScotlandLive.


    Here's more detail on the transport problems which affected the first day of athletics of the Games.

    Crowds waiting for Commonwealth Games travel

    Hundreds of Glasgow 2014 spectators were left disappointed as they missed the start of the athletics at Hampden Park waiting for shuttle buses.

    There were also complaints about the wait at turnstiles at the venue itself.

    Hammer time! 17:01:

    Scotland's Rachel Hunter, Susan McKelvie and Myra Perkins are in the women's hammer throw qualifier.

    The event is currently ongoing - Hunter is sixth, Perkins 10th and McKelvie is yet to throw.

    Scotland's first medal of the day 16:47:

    Scotland pair Aileen McGlynn and Louise Haston win silver after setting a time of 1-09.771, possibly the shortest Commonwealth Games record in history, in the para-sport tandem kilo.

    Aileen McGlynn (right) and Louise Haston

    The pair had already taken silver in the Women's Sprint B2 Tandem Final, coming second to English pair Sophie Thornhill and Helen Scott. They set a new record but it lasted just a few minutes before Thornhill and Scott beat their time minutes later to take gold.

    Via Twitter John Barnes BBC Scotland

    tweets: South African cyclists riding through Burnside. Training or Leisurely ride?

    South African cyclists
    A happy Hoy Via Twitter

    Sir Chris Hoy ‏tweets: Two Scots in Keirin second round, well ridden John Paul and Chris Pritchard.

    Park & Ride delays Via Twitter

    Games Travel 2014 tweets: If you are waiting for a Park & Ride shuttle service, please be aware that buses are on their way. Apologies for any delay.

    Keirin it to win it 16:24:

    Progress for Scotland's John Paul and Chris Pritchard in the Keirin as they both qualify directly from their heats.

    Pritchard finished in first place in his heat, while Paul came in second behind New Zealand's Sam Webster.

    The semi-finals take place at around 17:40 this evening.

    Too easy for Taylor 16:10:

    Josh Taylor is the convincing winner in his bout against Richarno Colin of Mauritius. That's the Olympian from Lochend Amateur Boxing Club into the last eight of the 64kg division where he will face Welshman Zack Davies.

    Wheels of wonder 16:06:

    In addition to James McCallum, both Evan Oliphant and Mark Stewart have also qualified for the Men's 20km Scratch Race Final tonight at 1816-1846.

    However, yesterday's shooting stars, Ian Shaw and Angus MacLeod, who picked up bronze in the Queen's prize pairs, haven't fared so well in the individual event - Shaw is 13th and MacLeod 16th after the first day's action. They'll try to hit the mark again tomorrow.

    Marshall and Foster's delight at Auld Enemy win 16:00:

    Everyone knows it's a big deal for Scotland to beat the Auld Enemy at anything, especially if that victory comes in a major tournament.

    Alex Marshall was delighted after beating England at Glasgow 2014 in the lawn bowls

    Let's relive the magic moment Scotland's Alex Marshall and Paul Foster reached the final of the pairs bowls with a last gasp victory over England's Sam Tolchard and Andy Knapper at Glasgow 2014, and in particular Marshall's celebration.

    Scotland pair through to bowls final

    Flight of fancy 16:00:

    Away from the Games, yesterday was the day of Scotland's National Air Show at the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian.

    air show

    The Red Arrows featured prominently as they celebrated their 50th anniversary, so, if you fancy something even faster then Usain Bolt, have a look at our gallery of images from the show.

    Is Bolt at the netball? 15:44:

    Has Usain Bolt made his Glasgow 2014 debut - at the netball?

    Is Usain Bolt at the netball?

    There's talk of him arriving in disguise, however BBC Scotland's Louise Andrew is on the hunt to find the Jamaican superstar.

    Did Bolt see Scotland play netball?

    McCallum podium dream still on 15:33:

    Scotland's James McCallum is set to retire after the Games, and has his heart set on bowing out with a medal.

    James McCallum (third from right) is hoping to retire with a cycling medal

    He's taken one step closer to that dream by making the men's Scratch final later on today.

    It has not gone as well for Scotland in the women's fours lawn bowls, where they have missed out on a bronze medal after a 15-21 defeat to New Zealand.

    In the Men's Fours Section D, Scotland have defeated Niue 22-9. Their next match is against Kenya tomorrow at 1745-2000.

    15:15: Via Twitter BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis

    tweets: Thirty minutes after things kicked off at Hampden Park, fans are still making their way into the stadium. They don't seem too distressed, considering getting here has probably been a bit of a maze. Not an empty seat to be seen inside. Crackling atmosphere.

    Bronzed off 15:09:

    The wait for a medal on Sunday goes on as Scotland's women's fours lose out to New Zealand 21-15.

    Where have all the shiny gongs gone?

    Via Twitter Jim Spence BBC Sport

    tweets: One of the stewards has just handed out her dad's home baked empire biscuits to the radio gantry. #SpiritofGlasgow

    Back in the bowls 14:53:

    Could another sensational Scottish comeback be on the cards at Kelvingrove?

    Scottish bowler Alex Marshall

    After the unbridled joy of Alex Marshall's celebrations after beating England this morning in the men's pairs, the Scotland women's fours have come back from 16-9 down to New Zealand in the bronze medal match to being just 15-16 down after 14 ends.

    Travel travails 14:48:

    The athletics is under way at Hampden Park - but without 800 ticket holders who have been stuck at Silverburn park and ride for 90 minutes.

    According to police, an accident is causing the hold-up but it should be clear soon.

    Painful viewing 14:44:

    We've covered all the highs of what has been a terrific Games for Scotland so far, but here's a couple of valiant efforts which didn't quite go our way.

    We'd love to say it was a close encounter when Scotland's women took on Australia in the hockey this morning, but I'm afraid that would be a stretch. Australia running out 9-0 winners.

    And, even without Usain Bolt cheering them on, the Jamaican netball side were too strong for the Thistles. Scotland losing 68-26.

    Win for Flynn 14:43:

    Boxer Charlie Flynn is through to the quarter-finals of the 60kg division. Josh Taylor should be in the ring round about 15:30 BST

    Ready to rumble 14:27:

    Motherwell's Charlie Flynn gets a tremendous reception as he enters the boxing ring to fight Nick Cooney of Australia in their 60kg bout.

    14:24: Via Twitter Scotland hockey player Daniel Coultas

    tweets: Not the result we wanted yesterday but lessons learned and bring on tomorrow, but yet again the crowd were amazing #homesupport #hockey

    Bowled over? 14:17:

    Scotland's women's fours are struggling with four ends left to play on the lawns at Kelvingrove. They trail New Zealand 16-9.

    14:15: Via Twitter Jim Spence BBC Sport

    tweets: Another day at the Velodrome ahead for me on @BBCSportsound

    Sir Chris Hoy velodrome
    Travel latest 14:11:

    In Glasgow, traffic is moving well outwith the Marathon route. In the route itself, the closures between Glasgow Green, across the Squinty Bridge, to Bellahouston Park and back to Glasgow Green will continue until midnight.

    Today is the busiest day of the Games. As well as the marathon, there are events on at eight venues in Glasgow and at the The Barry Buddon Shooting Centre in Carnoustie.

    The city centre and Hampden environs are extremely busy with pedestrians. Walking and cycling is still your best bet for getting around the city.

    But no matter how you're travelling around Glasgow today, leave plenty of time for your journey

    One other piece of travel news in Glasgow - Balmoral Street in Scotstoun is closed at the junction with Dumbarton Road, so if you're heading to Scotstoun for the squash event, traffic could be slower than usual in the area.

    14:02: Via Twitter Graham Fraser BBC Scotland

    Massive queues snaking around the streets at Hampden for #Glasgow2014 athletics. Many will not get in for the start.

    Crowds outside Hampden Stadium

    We're hearing reports of congestion around Hampden Park, with reports of concerns over the number of turnstiles open. The athletics are due to commence at 14:30.

    Weather latest 13:57:

    A bit of a damp start to the day for many and staying cloudy with showery rain across Argyll, Perthshire and down through Ayrshire too with this rain edging south into Dumfries and Galloway.

    It does start to turn drier and brighter over the North-west Highlands with drier weather extending south into Argyllshire and the Glasgow area by mid-afternoon.

    Some sunny spells later in the afternoon set off some heavy, slow-moving showers with the risk of some heavy, thundery downpours over Aviemore to Perthshire.

    A reasonable day over Aberdeenshire, Angus and Dundee with some sunshine and staying reasonably dry.

    Temperatures are a lot cooler than of late with highs between 17-20C. The exception to this will be over Shetland where we hold on to more humid air with highs of 22C here, but with patches of mist and low cloud coming and going.

    Hockey fighting talk Via Twitter Scotland defender Susan McGilveray

    "Well beaten today, disappointed but still very grateful for all the support! We will be back tomorrow fighting for the victory #GoScotland."

    Jack attack 13:45:

    Better news now coming from Kelvingrove, where Scotland's women's fours are 9-6 up on New Zealand after seven ends. This could be the host nation's first medal of the day - how spoiled we've become.

    Trying times 13:33:

    The medal hopes of Scotland's rugby sevens team have gone after they were outgunned by a pacy, attacking South African side at Ibrox. Tries from Mark Bennett and Lee Jones were not enough as the Scots went down 35-12.

    Scotland will face England in the plate semi-final at 18:22 this evening.

    13:27: Via Twitter Lisa Summers Commonwealth Games reporter, BBC Scotland

    tweets: Check out these medals.

    Scotland's triumphant judo squad

    The Scotland judo squad won 13 out of 14 available medals. You have to feel sorry for Patrick Dawson, the only member of the squad not to win a medal - he lost out in his contest for bronze.

    Rugby sevens update 13:24:

    The half-time score from Ibrox Stadium is South Africa 21-7 Scotland. The Scots were 21-0 down but got a late try before the break. It's do-or-die stuff in the next seven minutes.

    Springboks leads Scots 14-0 13:17: Rugby pundit Peter Wright

    "South Africa are playing with a tempo that is hurting Scotland."

    Scots in the ring 13:13:

    A few of Scotland's boxers are in action in the next hour. Charlie Flynn fights at about 13:30 BST in the 60kg division for a place in the quarter-finals. He is followed by Josh Taylor in the 64kg class, who also fights for a last-eight place.

    Samoa lie in wait 13:12:

    If Scotland can beat South Africa in the rugby sevens, they will play Samoa in the semi-final after their 15-14 win over England.

    Excitement building 13:07:

    Scotland are up next in the rugby sevens quarter-finals, where they take on South Africa. Here is the team which will face the Springboks:

    Scotland team for SA: Scott Riddell, Roddy Grant, Richie Vernon, Colin Gregor, Mark Bennett, Scott Wight, Lee Jones.

    Cool in the heat 13:03:

    In the pool at Tollcross in Glasgow's East End, Scotland win the first heat in the Men's 4x200m freestyle swimming relay.

    Paper review 13:02:

    In the midst of all the frenetic athletic activity whirling around you, grab yourself a moment to relax and take in what's top of the headlines with our paper review.

    Sunday Herald

    Pop the kettle on and unwind for a bit; it is Sunday after all.

    Mixed emotions 12:50:
    Scottish swimmer Hannah Miley

    Camilla Hattersley and Hannah Miley have both qualified for the women's 800m freestyle final which takes place on Monday evening.

    Hattersley finished third in her heat, 0.01 seconds ahead of Miley.

    However, England-based Aisha Thornton failed to qualify for the final.

    Ways to watch 12:49:
    Ways to watch

    Now: Watch lawn bowls live - women's four bronze match: Scotland v New Zealand

    12:50 BST: Watch rugby sevens live - England v Samoa then Scotland v South Africa

    13:00 BST: Watch men's boxing live - men's last 16 bouts

    14:00 BST: Watch women's hockey live - Canada v Trinidad

    14:00 BST: Watch squash live - first women's semi final: David v King

    Via Twitter Graham Spiers Golf Show presenter

    tweets: "I'm at yet another #Glasgow2014 full house: this time at the Emirates for the badminton. Tremendous business, this."

    No mere mortal 12:29:

    Marvellous reaction from Bowls Scotland in this story on Alex "Tattie" Marshall's wonder shot in the men's pairs.

    On air now 12:27:

    Richard Gordon anchors the BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound coverage of day four at the Commonwealth Games. Make yourself comfy - it's on 'til late.

    Swim stars 12:21:

    The Scottish trio of Katie Armitage, Kathryn Johnstone and 50m breaststroke bronze medallist Corrie Scott all qualify for the Women's 100m breaststroke semi-finals. They'll be in action at around 20:30 tonight.

    Not so lazy Susan 12:10:

    A very commendable sixth-place finish for Scotland's Susan Partridge in the women's marathon, finishing in 2:32.18. Leeds-based Partridge, originally from Oban, was the first Home Nations athlete to finish.

    Via Email

    Liz Clark from Troon emails: Such great bowls, Scotland had us eating our fingernails, a super, exciting match. Roll on the final!

    Hail Hawkins and Houston 12:10:

    Renfrewshire's Derek Hawkins was ninth in the men's marathon but he wasn't the only Scotsman who had a good day on Glasgow's roads. Research scientist Ross Houston from Roslin was 16th.

    Celebrate Tattie-style 12:05:

    Bowls. A lovely genteel sport. Every player is a paragon of moderated politeness, nobody goes over the top.

    Scottish bowler Alex Marshall

    Try telling that to Alex "Tattie" Marshall, who celebrated his winning shot as Scotland beat England 16-15 in the men's pairs semi-final like it was the winning goal in the World Cup.

    Kenya one-two

    Kenya's Flomena Cheyech Daniel wins the women's marathon in 2 hours 26 minutes and 45 seconds ahead of her team-mate Caroline Kilel. Australia's Jess Trengrove wins bronze.

    Bankier thanks 11:56: Via Twitter

    Scottish badminton player Imogen Bankier tweets: "Strong team performance last night but Malaysia were too strong in the end. Thanks to the Glasgow crowd who were amazing!!!"

    Scotland lost out to the top seeds in the mixed team competition at the quarter-final stage, but turned in some impressive performances along the way.

    Unlucky 13? Not for Davies 11:47:

    A terrific swim from 13-year-old Erraid Davies from Shetland as she records a personal best to come second in the women's 100m breaststroke S9. Davies is the youngest of the 310 athletes in the Scotland team. Another young S9 swimmer who deserves acclaim, although he didn't make the Games team, is Greenock's Isaac Dunning.

    Bowls update 11:40:

    Scotland's women were defeated 15-12 in the women's fours semi-final by South Africa. But all is not lost as they play again this afternoon for the bronze medal against New Zealand.

    Double gold for Miley? 11:35:

    Already a gold medallist in the 400m individual medley, Hannah Miley reaches the final of the 200m version of the event in 2 minutes 12.45 seconds, ahead of England's Sophie Allen, who was second.

    Golden gallery 11:23:

    If you want to do even more basking in the glory of Scotland's success, then marvel at the lustre of all eleven of those gold medals in our picture gallery.

    All smiles from Scotland duo Neil Fachie and Craig MacLean (right) after winning gold in the 1000m Time Trial B2 Tandem

    There may well be more pictures to be added as the Games go on.

    Not too far behind 11:21:

    Derek Hawkins from Elderslie is the first British athlete to cross the line in the men's marathon. The 25-year-old is the British marathon champion.

    Marathon man 11:17:

    Australia's Mike Shelley sprints to the finishing line to win the men's marathon in a mere 2 hours 11 minutes and 15 seconds.

    Taking the biscuit 11:10:

    Ever fancied stepping out looking good enough to eat? Well, now you have a chance to as Commonwealth Games organisers have launched an auction site where you can win one of the Tunnock's teacake outfits from Wednesday's opening ceremony.

    Opening ceremony dancer

    Also up for grabs are the props of the One o' Clock Gun and Dolly the sheep.

    Bowled over

    You have to feel for the England pair Sam Tolchard and Andy Knapper, having led 10-4 and having gone into the final end of the men's pairs with a single-point lead. Alex Marshall and Paul Foster picked up two points in the final end to win 16-15 and will play Malaysia for the gold medal.

    Marshall plan 11:10:

    Well done to Scotland bowler Alex Marshall, whose superb shot clinched victory in his pairs match beside Paul Foster against England. So, will it be silver or gold for Scotland? Marshall danced around the Kelvingrove he'd pulled off a truly remarkable shot.

    Swimming update 11:10:

    Ross Murdoch, Joe Welstead and Mark Tully are all through to the Men's 50m Breaststroke Semi-finals tonight at 19:41 BST. Murdoch was the fastest Scot. England's Adam Peaty set a new Games record time of 27.00 seconds.

    Heavy medal 10:59:

    Just a reminder of how the top of the medal table looks.

    Commonwealth Games medal table

    Scotland have matched their best-ever tally of gold medals, set in Melbourne in 2006. A further nine medals will set a new record for medals won by Scotland - the current tally of 33 was set in Edinburgh in 1986.

    Jamaica tame Thistles 10:59:

    Final score from the netball is Jamaica 68-26 Scotland. The final quarter was Scotland's best, which is either testament to their fitness and never-say-die attitude, or suggests the Jamaicans decided to save their energy for later in the tournament.

    Kelvingrove tension 10:58:

    In a thrilling men's pairs semi-final, Scotland's Alex Marshall and Paul Foster trail England 15-14 in the final end, having recovered from being 10-4 down. Not long ago they led 14-13.

    On air now 10:45:

    On Radio Scotland now, Tom English is currently discussing how the rest of the Commonwealth enjoyed Wednesday's opening ceremony.

    Scotty Stevenson, editor of Sky Sport in New Zealand gives his view of how the ceremony was viewed in his country: "I thought it was quite moving - it was charming. I thought it really showed the Glasgow sense of humour."

    "If you're Scottish you probably cringe a bit at some of the cliches, but we're the same in Australia when you wheel out the kangaroos and vegemite," says Karl Dekroo, head of sport for Brisbane's Courier-Mail

    Sole to Sole 10:45:

    Former Scotland rugby captain David Sole cheers with family and friends and most of the netball crowd at the SECC as his daughter Gemma scores to make it 53-19 to Jamaica in the fourth quarter.

    Hockey humbling 10:40:

    It's full-time at the National Hockey Centre, and Scotland's women have been taught a bit of a lesson by Australia with the final scoreline of 9-0.

    Scotland are now sitting third in Pool B behind Australia and England, having beaten Malaysia on Friday.

    Their next match is against Wales on Monday at 1800-1730.

    10:37: Via Twitter John Beattie BBC Scotland
    BBC Scotland's John Beattie with gold medallists Neil Fachie and Craig MacLean

    tweets: More gold with Neil Fachie and Craig MacLean.

    Greenock death 10:26:

    Police are treating as suspicious the death of a man in Greenock in the early hours of this morning. The emergency services were called to reports of someone seriously injured in a common close in Tobago Street at 03.20 BST. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police Scotland are keen to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time.

    Bowls comeback

    Things are going a bit better for the Scottish men's pairs, Paul Foster and Alex Marshall, who are now only 10-11 down on their English counterparts after 13 ends.

    Not so jolly hockey sticks 10:16:

    Australia are moving well clear of Scotland in the women's hockey at Glasgow Green. It's not 6-0 with about 14 minutes remaining.

    Netball half-time 10:12:

    The score at the halfway point at the SECC is Jamaica 31-15 Scotland. Go, Thistles!

    Via Twitter Graham Fraser, BBC Scotland
    The marathon runners are making their way around the south side of Glasgow

    "I'm enjoying the #Glasgow2014 marathon this morning. You can't put off Glaswegians with a little rain. Great support."



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