People's Panel: Paul Welsh

Image copyright Paul Welsh
Image caption Paul Welsh runs his own architecture firm in Edinburgh

Occupation: Architect

Age: 56

Lives: North Berwick

Voting Intention: Yes to independence

Paul Welsh lives in North Berwick and runs his own architecture practice in Edinburgh.

Before that he was the director of a large UK based architecture firm working around the UK and as well as in mainland Europe.

He is intending to vote "Yes" in September's referendum because he says he is pro-Scotland, not because he is against the United Kingdom.

"I have been, for some time, a strong believer in the ability of Scotland to manage it's own affairs and believe we have the skill base and talents to do this well.

"Independence will be for the long haul and requires taking a view on the bigger picture and deciding what would be best for future generations.

"I don't think that people should decide on independence from a narrow self-interest viewpoint."

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