BT plans 160 Scots engineer jobs

BT has announced plans for a major recruitment drive across the UK, with up to 160 engineering jobs being created in Scotland.

The telecoms giant said it would be looking to recruit all over the country from Wick to Dumfries, as well as in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Inverness.

The jobs are among 1,600 BT hopes to create in its Openreach broadband arm.

BT said it wanted a "significant" number of the roles to be taken up by women and ex-service personnel.

Joe Garner, chief executive of Openreach, said: "Millions of customers depend on broadband and they rely on us to keep them connected, whatever the weather.

"Our engineers do an incredible job. They have been rolling out fibre broadband faster than anywhere else in the world, and at the same time completing hundreds of thousands of jobs each week to keep people connected throughout the UK - an amazing achievement."

He said the new recruits would be a welcome boost to that effort.

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