People's Panel: Ranbir Patwal

Image copyright Ranbir Patwal
Image caption Rabir Patwal is an entrepreneur who lives outside the city of Glasgow

Occupation: Property manager

Age: 53

Lives: East Renfrewshire

Voting Intention: No to independence

Ranbir Patwal lives in East Renfrewshire with his wife and 17-year-old son.

He works in property management, and has been entrepreneur all his life, firstly running a tourist shop in central station, and then a newsagents.

A proud Sikh, Ranbir's father opened the first Glasgow Gurdwara campaigned on ethnic minority issues, and fought for Sikh recognition in Scotland.

He intends to vote "No" in the referendum, and says that people still don't have enough information to know how independence would actually change Scotland.

He also as concerns that Scotland could not "keep going" on its own.

"I think going it alone would be detrimental both from a monetary and geographical point of view.

"I don't think we could cope with running the country alone. The UK has more clout in terms of the rest of the world than an independent Scotland would."

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