People's Panel: James Budge

Image copyright James Budge
Image caption James Budge is a semi-retired farmer in the Shetland islands

Occupation: Semi-retired farmer

Age: 66

Lives: Shetland Island

Voting Intention: No to independence

James Budge lives in the Shetland Islands where he is a semi-retired farmer.

He is uneasy about the amount of uncertainty surrounding the debate, and primarily concerned about whether talk of Scotland's financial situation stacks up.

He said: "There are so many unknowns in what the SNP are telling us. They trot out huge amounts of projected facts and figures but have no way of backing these up.

"It is like doing a five year projected cash flow if you were borrowing money from a bank, you pluck figures out of the air to you best estimate but only know if they are correct at the end of five years."

He is also concerned about the effect that it could have on the agricultural industry post-independence.

"I don't know for example whether there will be restrictions on exporting live animals into England as there are into Ireland and vice versa. What impact will this have on the agricultural industry in Scotland?"

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