Diverse season for national theatre

Laurie Sansom NTS artistic director Image copyright NTS
Image caption Laurie Sansom says it will be a 'diverse season'

A Gaelic version of 'Whisky Galore!' and a comedy called 'Yer Granny' have been announced as part of the National Theatre of Scotland's 2015 line-up.

The January to June season sees the theatre stage nine world premieres including an adaptation of a Muriel Spark classic, 'The Driver's Seat'.

Two award-winning NTS plays will also make their US debuts.

'Let the Right One In' and the theatre's Macbeth sequel 'Dunsinane' head to the US in January.

The new season, which is titled Belong, will see the NTS show off new contemporary drama, international new writing, major new adaptations of Scottish books and award-winning revivals.

The various tours will take the company from Shetland to as far afield as Los Angeles in the first sixth months of 2015.

'Invent new identities'

Laurie Sansom, the artistic director of the National Theatre of Scotland, said: "Most of us want to belong. Sometimes it's not always easy to fit in. The embrace of community can protect and it can stifle.

"In this diverse season, we see stories of communities under pressure from within, friends and family rallying round, and people making incredible journeys to escape and invent new identities.

"This year we hope you will join us to explore what it means to feel part of a gang, or out there on your own."

The comedy 'Yer Granny', is a new adaptation by popular Scottish playwright Douglas Maxwell of Roberto La Cossa's 'La Nona', Argentina's favourite play.

The company also tackle more serious issues.

Acclaimed Scottish theatre-maker Cora Bissett and Mancunian performance poet Yusra Warsama explore the issue of female genital mutilation from the perspective of the communities involved in a piece of documentary drama theatre, 'Rites'.

'A Play, A Pie and A Pint' work with the company for the fifth time, bringing the current Crimean conflict to "theatrical life" with three new plays by Russian and Ukrainian writers.

NTS also work with 'A Play, A Pie and A Pint' and new Gaelic theatre company Robhanis to present a Gaelic version of Compton Mackenzie's legendary liquor classic 'Whisky Galore!' (Uisge-Beatha Gu Leòr) which tours Scotland in April and May.

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