Election 2015 updates and analysis


Shock as a Scottish seat fails to go SNP. Alistair Carmichael wins Orkney and Shetland.

03:54 BST

Ian Davidson says Jim Murphy must stand down as leader. Says campaign had no strategy.

03:33 BST

Nicola Sturgeon says Labour has been losing trust for years.

02:19 BST:

First Scottish results in. Not so much advance for the SNP as as rout. This is a democratic insurrection in process, driven by the popular will.

00:52 BST:

Labour's Tom Harris predicts he will lose his Glasgow seat. Why? "Not enough votes."

Lib Dem Malcolm Bruce is conceding that Alex Salmond is set to take Gordon for the SNP.

The first three UK results were all in Sunderland - each suggesting poor performance by LibDems.

Will that be replicated in Scotland - or will the picture be different, particularly given that the UKIP factor, which was prominent in the Sunderland trio, is unlikely to be so salient in Scotland?

23:12 BST:

Exit poll suggesting Conservative lead - and SNP with an incredible 58 seats. Might it be literally incredible? Personally, I still bear the scars from 1992.

All four political partisans on our panel tonight are highly sceptical about the exit poll.

Derek Mackay for the SNP says it's about managing expectations - downwards - for his party.

Willie Rennie of the Liberal Democrats concedes he has the opposite problem.

The biggest problem with the exit poll is to use a system designed for two parties and trying to extend it the six parties.

We will get the real results soon enough.

We will update this page with the latest analysis from Brian as events unfold throughout the night.

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