Scottish papers: Panama papers and Indycamp 'twist'

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The UK tax authority is leading the way in international investigations into 11 million leaked documents, which have revealed the extent of the operations of offshore tax havens, reports The Scotsman.

The Scottish edition of The Times writes that David Cameron has been dragged into the row over offshore tax avoidance after his late father's multimillion-pound investment fund was revealed to have paid no British tax for 30 years.

The Scottish Daily Mail claims that the huge data leak shows Ian Cameron's firm used a secretive type of share certificate now banned in the UK.

The documents should serve as a wake up call, revealing the "corruption" of the world's super-rich, says the Daily Record.

The National says a full-time carer has come forward to claim sole responsibility for the independence camp outside the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Daily Express claims that Britain is the top destination for jobseekers in the EU.

Children from a Dundee high school were told to watch a DVD because there were no teachers available to take lessons, according to The Courier front page.

The Daily Star of Scotland features a smiling image of the panellists and presenters of Britain's Got Talent and says that behind the scenes they are at loggerheads.

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