Scotland's papers: Fracking ban and Liam killers

Nicola Sturgeon has suffered an embarrassing setback, says The Herald, after MSPs supported a Scottish Labour call for an immediate and outright ban on fracking.

Donald Trump looks set to be snubbed by Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron and greeted by protests when he visits Scotland at the end of the month, writes The National.

Men in their fifties can significantly cut their chances of developing aggressive prostate cancer by losing a few inches around the waist, according to the front page of The Times.

The Scottish Daily Mail says the murder of toddler Liam Fee has triggered a backlash against the SNP's Named Person scheme and claims that the two-year-old was part of a pilot in Fife for the policy.

The killers of Liam Fee are facing the longest minimum prison sentences ever handed out to women in Scotland, according to the Scottish Daily Express and Daily Star of Scotland.

Meanwhile, The Scottish Sun says murderer Nyomi Fee started dealing heroin after killing Liam.

The Daily Record reports that superstar DJ Calvin Harris is back on the market after breaking up with singer Taylor Swift.

The Super Puma H225 fleet face a no-fly order after a fault was reportedly found in the helicopter, writes the Press and Journal.

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