Scotland's papers: Euro MPs' pay-offs and the 'cult' of Pokemon Go

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Scotland on Sunday devotes most of its front page to the Pokemon Go craze and asks whether the reality game is "a disease, a global conspiracy or a social revolution".

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith says socialist hero Keir Hardie would be "spinning in his grave" as party members fight each other instead of the Tories, according to The Sunday Mail.

The Sunday Herald says the Yes movement is to take the lead on a push for a second independence referendum as the SNP "delays" over Brexit.

Celtic's Champions League travel plans "are in chaos", according to The Scottish Sun on Sunday, after a gunfight at the Kazakhstan hotel where they are due to stay before their match on Wednesday.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday says workers are being paid 30 pence an hour to make £10 T-shirts to fund Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign.

Pictures of the Munich gunman and seven of his nine victims dominate the front page of The Sunday Times Scotland, which says the killer was "a mentally-ill loner" who idolised Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. Elsewhere, Sir Ian Wood, one of Scotland's most successful businessmen, urges Nicola Sturgeon not to stage another independence referendum - warning that it would cause serious damage to the Scottish economy.

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