Scotland's papers: arms dealing and cheap money

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According to the Sunday Herald, mafia watchers in Ukraine say organised criminals are exploiting secretive Scottish companies to launder money.

As the UK edges closer to a 0% interest rate, the Scotland on Sunday poses the question: Will cheap money save the economy or impoverish us all?

The Scottish Mail on Sunday writes that Scotland's first "ambassador", whose role is the promote Scottish interests in the US, has cost taxpayers £2.3m.

The Sunday Mail says an alleged victim of domestic violence sobbed in court after being jailed for failing to help convict her husband.

The Sunday Times Scotland leads with the story that at least three British Muslims linked to Isis were accepted as students at a hardline Islamic university in Saudi Arabia before becoming embroiled in jihad, according to records held by a Scot who helps Britons enrol there.

The Sunday Telegraph says it has seen a leaked letter which reveals that Liam Fox and Boris Johnson are locked in a bitter Whitehall feud over who controls key parts of Britain's foreign policy.

Visits by so-called "bin police" have soared as householders try to cope with massive changes to rubbish collections, according to the Sunday Post.

And the Scottish Sun on Sunday says cricket legend Sir Ian Botham has revealed he has been having impotence treatment - and has urged other men not to suffer in silence.

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