The papers: Health service 'in meltdown'

The Scotsman reports that Scotland's NHS has been plunged into a "winter meltdown" after hospitals were forced to postpone operations and redeploy staff because of soaring pressure on A&E departments.

The i newspaper says office staff have been redeployed to GP surgeries and A&E services to cope with soaring demand.

The Scottish Daily Express writes that Scotland's NHS is in the grip of a "winter meltdown" with some hospitals forced to axe operations amid soaring pressures on emergency departments.

The Herald reports that more than 10,000 ambulances have been dispatched with only one crew member on board in the last four years - despite promises to end the practice except in "exceptional circumstances".

The Daily Record carries footage of mourners trading punches following a funeral at a Glasgow crematorium.

According to The National, David Mundell has been accused of "partying on the public purse" after the Scotland Office's hospitality budget jumped by 585% in a year.

The Scottish Daily Mail says Scotland's police chief is threatening to take the government to court in a bid to end his gardening leave and get back to work.

Farmers will be rewarded with subsidies for opening up the countryside to the public and improving the environment after Brexit, Michael Gove will say, according to the Scottish edition of The Telegraph.

The Scottish edition of The Times has details of a new book which says Tony Blair warned Donald Trump's aides that British intelligence may have spied on them during the election.

The Scottish Sun writes that Irn Bru fans are panic buying up to 250 cans - after bosses revealed they're halving the pop's sugar content within days.

The Courier reports that Dundee and Rosyth have been tipped as ideal departure points following a call to revive the ferry link between Scotland and Scandinavia.

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