The papers: 'Doctor death' and Brexit feud

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The Scottish Daily Mail's front page is dominated by the story of a former hospital consultant who was caught with a cache of weapons after he was dismissed from his post.

The Daily Express also leads with Dr Martin Watt and his "terrifying arsenal" of sub-machine guns and pistols which were found along with an "assassination list" of former colleagues.

Elsewhere, The Herald focuses on Scottish Labour's first conference under new leader Richard Leonard being "over-shadowed" by a row over the party's stance on Brexit.

The Daily Record says a teacher accused over a relationship with a pupil is now living with her.

The Scottish Sun leads with a knife attack on a man who had previously been cleared of attempted murder after an alleged hit-and-run.

The Times says teenagers face being cut off from social media sites after a few hours' browsing under a proposal being drawn up by UK ministers.

The Scotsman leads with the story of a woman who has spoken of her "overwhelming sense of injustice" after a man who allegedly raped her in childhood was not prosecuted.

The National says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been slammed for "echoes of Farage" after using his Scottish conference speech to complain about immigration on "a gaffe-filled day".

The i focuses on Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump being set to meet for face-to-face for nuclear disarmament talks "within weeks".

The Daily Star's front page is dominated by claims that the wife of Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth had an affair with a man who is now allegedly stalking her.

The Courier's Dundee edition says a bid to overcome the city's "European Capital of Culture heartbreak" could see Dundee take centre stage at an "even more ambitious" global arts festival.

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