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New challenge for blink poetry boy Adam Bojelian

An 11-year-old boy who writes poetry by blinking says he is facing an even tougher challenge - a one-mile trike ride for charity.

Adam Bojelian, from Edinburgh, is blind and suffers from cerebral palsy and several life-threatening conditions.

However, he has won a Brit Writers' Award and a Blue Peter Gold Badge for his poetry, which he writes using special computer software.

Now he is in training for the trike challenge, which takes place on 28 May.

The Royal Blind School pupil has already raised £1,425 in aid of the disabled charity Contact A Family Scotland ahead of the event, which takes place in Edinburgh.

Adam, who can take up to a day to write a sentence, said: "My next challenge is even tougher than writing poetry by blinking."

Computer software

His mother, Zoe Bojelian, 50, from the city's New Town, told BBC Scotland how her son's ability to communicate through blinking had developed.

"Adam was about one when he went to a playgroup for children with disabilities," she said.

"They used to sing If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands. Adam couldn't clap his hands, but I noticed every time they said clap your hands he blinked.

"As time went on it became clearer he was blinking when we asked him questions, and as he got older he counted by blinking.

"Over time it became obvious that's what he was doing."

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