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John McKeown jailed for raping woman in Livingston home

An armed man who sneaked into a woman's West Lothian home and raped her left her so traumatised she lost her voice, a court hears.

John McKeown, 23, admitted threatening to kill Tracey Wilson, 40, a nine-year-old boy and a man aged 48 in the Livingston house during the ordeal.

McKeown then broke down crying before fleeing the house on 6 November 2010.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the victims were held in "abject terror" for 90 minutes.

Ms Wilson, who has waived her right to anonymity, said she had forgiven her attacker.

A judge told McKeown: "In addition to the trauma you inflicted on your rape victim you also terrorised the other occupants."

Lord Stewart rejected imposing a life sentence on McKeown under an Order for Lifelong Restriction, saying he was not persuaded the necessary risk criteria were met.

Image caption John McKeown entered the house through an unlocked door

He told him he would have jailed him for nine years for the offence, but for his guilty plea.

He also ordered the first offender to be kept under supervision for a further six years.

McKeown, from Livingston, earlier admitted abducting and raping Ms Wilson and threatening to kill and her and other occupants of the house.

Ms Wilson was in court to see her attacker being sentenced and afterwards said: "I forgive him for what he has done.

"If I am being totally honest what was really important to me was the fact that Mr McKeown pled guilty in February.

"That was massive for me," she said, adding that he it had spared her and other family members going through a court case.

"I hope that he can take all the help in prison and he can turn his life around."

She added: "During all of this my thoughts have always been with Mr McKeown's family. Not only my family have been involved in this, Mr McKeown's family have been through hell as well. It is not their fault.

"I know what my family have gone through. Hopefully we can start to move on.

"My thinking is we are alive. It could have been so much worse that night. The lad had two knives in his hand.

"I went through a terrible, terrible period."

"If I went through what I went through to save three lives, it happened and that's it. It is just something you have to deal with," she said, adding it was "a small price to pay".

He had sneaked into the house through an unlocked door. Ms Wilson heard a creaking sound on the stairs and her bedroom door opened.

She jumped out of bed to see McKeown holding a large knife.

As she struggled with him, the 48-year-old man came out of his bedroom.

The man was sent back upstairs and told that if McKeown heard his bedroom door open, he would kill him and the boy.

McKeown took Ms Wilson downstairs, laid out his knives on a table and raped her before breaking down in tears and fleeing from the house.

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