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Video shows Forth Road Bridge trucker

A lorry driver whose trailer blew over on the Forth Road Bridge has been severely criticised for ignoring high-wind restrictions.

The bridge's operators said it was lucky no-one was killed in the incident two weeks ago.

Footage of the German lorry driver's escape was captured in a video posted on the internet and by CCTV.

The large trailer is swept into the air by the gusting wind and left teetering on its side blocking the carriageway.

The lorry driver carried on for a short distance after the trailer was blown over.

For a whole minute in the video the trailer looks like it has come to a rest.

Then, surprisingly, it rights itself back on to the road.

The driver continued on his way north to Fife but he was soon stopped by police.

He was given a warning but will not face charges.

The Forth Estuary Transport Authority, which operates the bridge, said the high-wind restrictions were clearly signposted at the time of the incident on 28 December.

It said it was releasing the CCTV footage to warn drivers of the dangers of ignoring restrictions.

A spokesman for Feta said the lorry driver was lucky that nobody was killed or injured.

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