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Untidy teenager finds £53,000 winning Lotto ticket

A teenager "nagged" by his mother into tidying his bedroom has discovered a lottery ticket worth almost £53,000.

Ryan Kitching, 19, made the lucky find after two weeks of being told to clean the room at his Penicuik home.

The ticket from the 8 February draw had five winning numbers and a bonus ball and was worth £52,981.

Mr Kitching plans a family holiday to Majorca and has been celebrating with friends. He advised people to check their tickets as soon as possible.

The Midlothian teenager said: "My room needed a good clean. My mum had been nagging me for a good couple of weeks."

'Won big'

After coming across the lost ticket he said he almost threw it away.

He added: "But I thought: 'I'm taking my mum shopping anyway, I'll get them checked, it will do no harm'."

Mr Kitching had bought the ticket from the Tesco where he works at the fish counter. He checked it back at the store and was told he had "won big".

The teenager phoned Camelot and was informed of the exact figure for his winnings. He is now working out how best to use them.

He added: "My dad has been throwing some ideas out there. He wants me to put the deposit down on some property, then maybe rent it out.

"But I don't want to move out just yet - I still get my tea cooked here!"

Mr Kitching also plans to join the police when is 21 and hopes the cash will help him on the road.