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Boy, 6, left at Edinburgh tram stop

Simone Brown with her son, Jayden Image copyright Simone Brown
Image caption Simone Brown with her son, Jayden

An investigation has been launched after a six-year-old boy was left on a platform when his mother boarded a tram in Edinburgh.

Simone Brown, 26, got on the tram at Hermiston Gait on Monday but the doors closed behind her, leaving her son, Jayden, locked out.

Ms Brown told the driver to stop but it is understood he decided to drive to the next stop at Bankhead.

An Edinburgh Tram spokesman said they kept a watch on the boy using CCTV.

'Lungs exploding'

He said: "Further to this, a female passenger at the tram stop was contacted by our control team via the intercom system and she agreed to stay with the boy until he was reunited with his mum."

Ms Brown, who also had her eight-week-old son with her, told the BBC Scotland news website: "What good is a CCTV camera as my son could have walked off and it was just luck that the woman on the platform was genuine.

"It makes me very angry and upset to think tram officials think it was totally acceptable for him to be left with a stranger.

"They also didn't tell me he was with anyone so I was panicking the whole time thinking he might get on the next tram."

She added: "When I got off at the next stop no official helped me and they let me run back to the last stop and I'm not very fit after having had a baby eight weeks ago.

"It felt like a lifetime to get back to him and my lungs were going to explode.

"They told me it wasn't enough of an emergency to stop the tram, which has left me very angry and upset and I've now made a complaint in writing."

A spokeswoman for Edinburgh Trams said: "We understand that this was a very upsetting experience and we're looking into the circumstances."

The spokeswoman added that there is an emergency stop button at every tram door. However, Ms Brown said she failed to see it in her panic.

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