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Fox cubs rescued from building site in Edinburgh

Fox cub Image copyright Scottish SPCA

Three fox cubs have been rescued after being found under a pile of rubble on a building site in Edinburgh.

The cubs, who have now been named Ethan, Frank and Bourne, were found in Salamander Court in mid March.

The fox cubs will be looked after by the Scottish SPCA until they are big enough to be freed.

The charity is urging people to contact it if they see an injured or orphaned fox cub. Officers are warning people from approaching or moving cubs.

Colin Seddon, of the Scottish SPCA, said, "Although these cubs needed our help, we would advise people living in more rural locations to leave cubs alone and check on them after a couple of hours as their mother may return for them.

"Vixens will often move their cubs from one earth to another and if they are disturbed they'll leave the cubs and come back for them later.

"Often, vixens will not live in the same earth as her cubs and will only return at night to feed them.

"If anyone thinks a cub is injured, ill or has been orphaned and needs our help they should call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 for advice."

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