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Daughter found Asian radio presenter's bloodstained body

Image caption Mrs Jamil was found dead in her Glasgow home

The first day of a murder trial has heard how the bloodstained body of an Asian radio presenter was found in a Glasgow flat.

The body of Nasim Jamil, 54, was discovered inside her Byres Road home by her daughter Nazia Jamil, 36.

Miss Jamil was giving evidence at the trial, at the High Court in Glasgow, of Khalid Sarwar.

The 29-year-old denies murdering Ms Jamil by repeatedly striking her on the head and body.

Prosecutor Dorothy Bain QC asked Miss Jamil if she was close to her mother and she replied: "Very close, we were best friends, we did everything together.

The dead woman's daughter explained that when she returned from work at about 1930 BST on 9 December last year she thought the flat had been broken into.

Miss Jamil found the storm doors ajar and the hall in darkness. She searched each of the rooms for her mother and found her lying on the kitchen floor with blood on her body and broken glass beside her.

The court also heard that the accused Mr Sarwar was introduced to the family by Miss Jamil's brother, Omar, 31, and was quickly treated as a brother by her and as a son by her mother.

Miss Jamil claimed that Mr Sarwar asked her and her mother to lend him £2,000, but they refused to do so.

The court heard allegations that Mr Sarwar turned up at the Jamil's flat on 6 December and 8 December and on both occasions he was said to be rude and aggressive.

Miss Jamil said that on the 8 December visit the accused asked her what shift she was working the next day.

Piece of glass

The court was told that Mrs Jamil, who was a presenter on Asian community radio station Awaz FM, had been widowed when her daughter was 12.

Miss Jamil said: "The strength that my mother had was amazing."

She added that Mrs Jamil was very safety conscious and would never let anybody in her home that she did not know.

Mr Sarwar is accused of murdering Mrs Jamil by repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a hammer and screwdriver or similar instruments and hitting her on the head with a bottle and a piece of glass.

He is also charged with stealing a light bulb, two phones, keys, gloves, a watch, a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a handbag and a sum of money.

Mr Sarwar is also accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice on 11 December last year by giving false information to police officers.

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