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Woman who killed Glasgow man too drunk to attend court

A judge has delayed sentencing a woman who stabbed and killed a man, after she was too drunk to come to court.

Deborah Laird, 30, admitted culpable homicide over the attack on 50-year-old George Ross at his flat in Glasgow's Barmulloch area in May 2010.

She was released on bail and due to be appear for sentencing at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Judge Lord Woolman issued a warrant for Laird's arrest.

He had been told she was unable to attend the court following a drinking session to cope with a panic attack.

At an earlier hearing, the judge heard how Mr Ross died of complications two days after being stabbed.

Mr Ross - whose right arm was in plaster - had been drinking all evening in a pub in Barmulloch.

Laird who had also been drinking heavily, turned up at Mr Ross's flat in the company of a friend who knew him.

Mr Ross eventually told her to be quiet after she turned up the volume of the music.

He grabbed her by the arm to get her out of the house but she pulled away from him.

During a scuffle which followed, Mr Ross's plaster cast came into contact with Laird's face, giving her a nose bleed.

Laird then went into the kitchen, picked up a knife and began striking Mr Ross on the head and body.

Another man in the flat took the knife from her, washed it and left it on the sideboard.

Police called to the scene found Laird who told them: "Aye, I stabbed him. Look what he done to my face."

Mother-of-two Laird, also from Barmulloch, admitted killing Mr Ross on 4 May last year.

Lord Woolman deferred sentence and granted bail while waiting for background reports.

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