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Jamie Haggerty gets lifelong supervision for OAP raid

A man who robbed a pensioner after mistaking his Renfrewshire home for that of a known drug dealer has been placed on a lifelong restriction order.

Jamie Haggerty, 35, was convicted of assaulting and robbing 71-year-old Norman Strathearn at his flat in Kilmacolm, last April.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Haggerty was ordered to serve at least five years before being eligible for parole.

On release, he will be kept under supervision for the rest of his life.

During Haggerty's trial, the court heard how he and two accomplices, who have never been caught, handcuffed and dragged the terrified pensioner through his own home.

'Horrible dream'

They then blindfolded Mr Strathearn before slashing and beating him.

Mr Strathearn told the jury about his 25-minute ordeal, saying: "One minute I was sitting eating my dinner - the next I was being taken by ambulance to hospital.

"It was like a horrible dream. There were three of them. I was quickly knocked to the ground, handcuffed and dragged into the living room where a towel was put over my head.

"They started asking where my drugs and money were kept. I had about £3,000 in a bowl and I told them where it was."

The pensioner's home was ransacked and his cash stolen, before the trio bound and gagged him, cut his phone line and fled the scene.

Mr Strathearn was also threatened that he would be sexually assaulted.

A friend of Haggerty told the trial how he had confessed that he had carried out the attack.

The jury later returned a majority guilty verdict following the trial at the High Court in Greenock.

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