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Mother brands stabbing death sentence 'a joke'

The mother of a stabbing victim has described the six-year sentence imposed on her son's killer as "a joke".

Amanda Grant, 28, was jailed for killing her partner John Hanlon after repeatedly knifing him in an attack at his home in Glasgow.

Anne Hanlon, 55, said: "He was my only boy. She has taken everything off me."

Grant was originally charged with the murder of her 31-year-old victim, but was convicted of the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Judge John Beckett QC told Grant: "To kill the man you loved by stabbing him in the heart was a terrible thing to do.

"You have taken his life and ruined the lives of his parents."

'Little recollection'

The judge said the loss of Mr Hanlon was felt terribly by his parents, which was apparent when his mother gave evidence and was confirmed in her victim impact statement.

During the trial, Grant told the court that she did not mean to hurt or kill Mr Hanlon at his flat in Glasgow, on 16 February last year.

She told the court that an argument developed between her and Mr Hanlon after they had been drinking.

She claimed she had little recollection of what happened after that and said she did not know where the knife had come from.

She said he had grabbed her and thrown away her mobile phone.

She said: "I think he came towards me, and then I can't remember after that.

"The next thing I remember is John collapsing."

The judge said that Grant had also lost the man she loved following the attack.

He accepted the relationship was a difficult one and said that Grant seemed to have moved on after wasting years of her life and risking her health abusing alcohol.

The judge said that the jury had plainly considered the question of provocation carefully at Grant's earlier trial.

But he told her there was no alternative to imposing a prison sentence for the crime.

Afterwards, Anne Hanlon said: "She got six years for culpable homicide.

"Three times she stabbed him. It's a joke. He was my only boy. She has taken everything off me.

"At least her mother can go and visit her daughter. I have to visit the grave of my son."

Defence solicitor advocate Jim Keegan QC said it was "a very distressing matter".

He added that Grant "deeply regrets" the circumstances.

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