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Craig Duffy poured bleach on victim Michael MacDougall

A teenager who stabbed a man before pouring bleach over him has been jailed for three years and nine months.

Craig Duffy, 17, from Johnstone, Renfrewshire, admitted assaulting Michael MacDougall, 37, to his severe injury in Oban in February this year.

His accomplice Fraser McKerracher, 19, previously admitted attempting to murder Mr MacDougall.

The High Court in Glasgow heard the how the victim had been left disfigured with more than 20 wounds to his body.

Duffy pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr MacDougall by repeatedly punching and kicking him on the head and body with knives, pouring bleach onto his body and chasing him from his house all to his severe injury.

Prosecutor Jennifer Bain told the court that the victim was sleeping when the two attackers woke him up by knocking on his door.

Knife attack

She said: "Fraser McKerracher expressed anger at the fact that the complainer had ignored the door, despite the complainer's explanation that he had been asleep.

"Fraser McKerracher attacked the complainer and began punching him on the head and face. The accused then joined in by punching and kicking the complainer on the head and body."

The court was told that the victim managed to retreat into the living room but he was followed by the pair.

McKerracher then brought out a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade and Duffy also revealed a smaller blade.

Prosecutor Bain added: "The attack continued and despite using his arms to fend off blows, the complainer was stabbed several times on the head and body.

"The complainer then became aware of the smell of bleach and the contents of a yellow bottle of bleach was poured over him by his attackers."

The pair then fled and Mr MacDougall was able to make his way to Oban police office where he was found by officers covered in blood at about 0245 GMT on 27 February.

Jailing Duffy, judge Mark Stewart QC said: "Mr Duffy, at your age to be in the High Court charged with a serious violent crime involving knives is something that needs to be taken seriously.

"This is an extremely serious matter and you should not underestimate the position you're in at this time in your life.

"Given your early pleas I sentence you to three years and nine months."

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