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Injured falcon flies free from BBC Scotland

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Media captionIt is thought the falcon injured itself in pursuit of a pigeon

A peregrine falcon found injured on the roof of BBC Scotland's headquarters at Pacific Quay in Glasgow has been released back into the wild.

The bird was discovered on Friday evening. It is thought it flew into the building while chasing a pigeon.

Experts believe peregrines can reach speeds of up to 200mph when they enter a controlled dive pursuing prey.

BBC Scotland staff contacted experts when the bird was spotted on a rooftop terrace.

Andy Weir, a hawking technician for Rentokil Initial, nursed the bird back to health over the weekend.

Andy said: "The bird was close to death when we found him.

"He'd been preparing to feed on the pigeon, but he was very hungry.

"He started to eat well after a bit of encouragement."

The peregrine falcon, a young male, quickly flew off after being released, circling over the Finnieston Crane and the Clyde Arc, before disappearing from view.