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Orange Order funeral march banned in Motherwell

Orange marchers
Image caption The funeral parade would have passed through Motherwell

The Orange Order has been denied permission to hold a funeral parade over concerns about public safety.

The march, planned by Motherwell Orange and Purple District 25, would have seen about 600 mourners walk through the town on Monday.

Its application was rejected by North Lanarkshire Council following police concerns over potential disruption caused by the parade.

The Orange Order described the decision as "ridiculous".

The Order sought permission to walk from Dalziel St Andrew's Parish Church, in the centre of Motherwell, to Airbles Cemetery, along the main road in and out of the town.

A council spokesman said the Order's application had been turned down following advice from the police.

He said: "Strathclyde Police made representations to the corporate services (public processions) sub-committee that they could not police this funeral in such a way as to secure the safety of the participants, members of the public and their officers on road traffic safety grounds.

"Taking into consideration the views of the police and the applicant, the committee decided that it would be inappropriate, purely on these grounds, to allow the procession to proceed."

Henry Dunbar, Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said: "It's a very dangerous precedent that the police are setting, saying that they can't police a funeral.

"I understand they objected to the parade on a safety ground. The Lodge and the family said they would re-route the march but the police still objected and the council rejected the parade.

"I can't speak for the family but I'm sure it must be very disappointing at what is already a very sad time for them. It's somebody's last wishes. I find the decision bizarre and a bit ridiculous."

Strathclyde Police said the issue was a council matter.

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