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Strathclyde Police apologise to stabbing victim

Police have apologised to a stabbing victim for failing to act on information that he would be attacked.

William Punshon, 38, from Baillieston, Glasgow, was stabbed last Friday as he and his wife waited for their son outside his school.

He was promised police protection after a threat earlier that day, but it did not arrive.

Strathclyde Police said it had apologised and was determined to catch the person responsible.

Mr Punshon told the Scottish Sun newspaper that he was dragged from his car and repeatedly stabbed at about 14:50 on 20 January.

Police had been alerted to the possibility of an attack after his wife, Julie, 43, was threatened outside the school earlier that day.

Police failing

The family was told that officers would be on the scene when they went to collect their son, but they never turned up.

Supt Eddie Smith has now apologised to the family for failing to provide protection.

He said: "There is only one person responsible for this terrible crime - that is the person who did it.

"However, it is our job to keep people safe and this involves trying to stop crimes before they happen. Despite our efforts, in this instance we did not do that.

"We have met the family and have apologised. We are determined to catch the person responsible."

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