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Craig Roy 'can't remember killing' Jack Frew

Jack Frew
Image caption Jack Frew died from stab wounds to his neck and body

The teenager accused of murdering Jack Frew has told a court he did "not recall stabbing him 20 times and slitting his throat".

Craig Roy, 19, was giving evidence for a second day at his trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Under cross examination, he denied having "convenient" memory loss and said he did not plan the fatal attack.

Mr Roy admits stabbing 16-year-old jack Frew in a wooded area in east Kilbride in May 2010 but denies murdering him.

Blackmail claim

The accused previously told the jury that Mr Frew, with whom he had oral sex twice, was blackmailing him for more sex and threatening to tell his lover Christopher Hannah that he had been unfaithful.

He also said he agreed to meet Mr Frew after receiving an explicit text message from him and took a knife with him.

Mr Roy told the court he believed that Mr Frew was taking him to a secluded area because he wanted to have sex with him.

He also claimed that on the way there Mr Frew touched him a couple of times on the bottom and later exposed himself to him.

He was asked what he remembered next and replied: "I think I recall taking my knife out around this point. The thing I remember next is Jack lying on the ground and I called Chris."

Under cross-examination, prosecutor Jennifer Bain asked him: "Is it really your position you don't remember?" and he replied: "I can't remember."

Ms Bain then said: "Is it not the case you remember stabbing Jack Frew that night and Jack Frew was fighting back and that's how he got his hands injured?" and he replied: "No."

The prosecutor went on: "Jack Frew was screaming in pain and fighting for his life," and Mr Roy said: "No."

Ms Bain added: "Was he begging for you to stop?" and Mr Roy replied: "No, I wouldn't know."

Accused 'scared'

She then said: "Did you care what you had done," and he said: "Yes, I cared."

Ms Bain said: "You told the police he was still breathing when you didn't phone 999, but phoned Chris."

Mr Roy said: "I was scared and I phoned Chris."

Image caption Craig Roy admits stabbing Jack Frew but denies murdering him

Ms Bain told him: "You didn't phone 999 at all that night, Christopher Hannah asked you to phone an ambulance and you didn't," and Mr Roy told her: "No, I was quite shocked."

The prosecutor said: "You were too busy thinking about yourself."

Mr Roy replied: "I do not recall stabbing him 20 times and slitting his throat. I tried to help him."

At this point there was laughter from Mr Frew's family and his father Robert walked out the court.

Ms Bain said: "You told Christopher Hannah 'I've slit Jack Frew's throat' and told your sister you had stabbed him," and Mr Roy replied: "I don't remember."

She then told Mr Roy: "You were able to tell police you had stabbed him on the back."

Memory loss

Mr Roy responded: "I remember hearing that at the time... But, I didn't know he had been stabbed in the back."

The accused was asked if his memory loss was "just convenient" and said: "No. I'd like to know what happened that night. I don't like to put people through so much pain. If I knew the truth I would say."

He then added: "To think I could have done that."

Mr Roy was then asked: "Were you more concerned about yourself," and replied: "No, I was not."

The accused then appeared to be sobbing and put a hanky up to his face.

Ms Bain said to Mr Roy: "Is it not the case that you planned this before you set out that night," and he denied this.

The prosecutor said Mr Frew was a "defenceless 16-year-old boy" who was attacked in "such a vicious way".

'Calculated intention'

Mr Roy replied: "I did not murder Jack Frew."

The accused's QC David Burns later said it had been suggested the accused had gone out with a "calculated intention" to assault Jack.

Mr Roy again repeated the knife had been planned to scare Jack and not to use on him.

Mr Burns added "something must have been said" when Mr Roy encountered Jack Frew that night.

His client told the court: "I wish I could tell you. I would not go out of my way to harm someone. I would not go out of my way to kill someone."

The trial before Lord Doherty continues on Monday.

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