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McDonalds hit-and-run driver William Knight jailed

A motorist who ran over a teenager after being kept waiting at a drive-through restaurant has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

William Knight ploughed into 18-year-old Scott Sutherland outside a McDonalds in Springburn, Glasgow, in March last year.

The victim suffered severe brain damage and it is unknown if he will ever make a full recovery.

Knight, 58, admitted assaulting Mr Sutherland to the danger of his life.

He had originally faced an allegation of attempted murder before his guilty plea to the reduced charge was accepted by the Crown.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how Mr Sutherland had been at the restaurant with two friends in the early hours of 27 March 2011.

Knight was in his Audi in the drive through area after picking up his 29-year-old son Scott and his partner.

Shanti Maguire, prosecuting, said the victim and the Knights were not known to each other.

Mr Sutherland was at the food collection window when Knight drove forward, forcing him to move.

Knight's son got out the car and words were exchanged between him and Mr Sutherland.

Mr Sutherland and his friends ran off before the sound of a car engine could be heard "revving up".

Miss Maguire told the court: "William Knight turned his car and drove his vehicle towards his son.

"When Sutherland crossed his path, he made no attempt to avoid him and struck him with his vehicle."

Brain bruising

The victim rolled from Knight's car and smacked his head on the road. Knight then collected his son and drove off.

Mr Sutherland was later taken to hospital where he had significant bleeding and bruising to his brain.

A large part of his skull had to be removed and he remained in hospital for several weeks.

The teenager is still undergoing re-rehabilitation and continues to suffer numerous difficulties, including mobility and balance problems.

The court was told it remains unclear if he will make a full recovery.

Knight, from the city's Possilpark area, handed himself into police the same day as the incident and denied what he did was deliberate. He said he had fled the scene because he "panicked".

Prosecutor Miss Maguire said: "He stated he had been kept waiting at the drive-through at McDonalds for 25 minutes.

"He was unable to attribute blame to the victim and his friends as he was unsure if it was the staff who were causing the delay."

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