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Colin and Justin sued for £58,000 by building firm

Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister
Image caption Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister are being sued by Paterson Builders Ltd

Celebrity designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan are being sued for £58,650 by a building firm over unpaid work at their Glasgow townhouse.

Paterson Builders Ltd renovated the property, in the city's Park area, between June 2009 and December 2010.

Legal papers at Glasgow Sheriff Court said the designers were refusing to pay the bill in full and claim some of the finishing is not up to their standards.

The case is due to be heard later in the year.

Papers lodged at court show that Mr McAllister and Mr Ryan have only paid £157,250 of the bill, with their insurers covering another portion, and are refusing to pay £58,650.

Television appearance

Paterson Builders were originally engaged by the designers in June 2009 to carry out insurance work at the house.

They were then instructed to carry out additional work to the five-floored property.

The work was completed by December 2010, before the property appeared in a weekly newspaper and on national television in May 2011.

In legal papers, the builders firm asked: "If said defects alleged by the defenders to have been caused by the pursuers exist, why did they allow their property to be showcased/released to the media?"

Mr McAllister and Mr Ryan said the money was disputed after they instructed a quantity surveyor to inspect the work in July 2011.

In the court papers, they said it was estimated that the cost of "remedial works" would be £40,000 plus VAT and professional fees which would "exceed the sum sued for".

The builders claim that while work was on-going the designers "constantly changed their minds" and asked for a variety of other work be carried out.

It is claimed that the couple told the builders they were "good for money" and agreed to pay any additional charges.

In the papers, the firm claim that cleaners were hired in July 2010 and Mr McAllister invited one of them for a "showcase" of the property, during which he said they were "delighted" with the work.

By December that year, the firm said all "snagging" issues had been flagged up to the builders and sorted.

Payment requested

In May 2011, the couple took part in a documentary which saw them invite a homeless man into their house.

They also authorised the release of pictures of the property to be published.

Papers state that an email was sent in June last year requesting payment from the designers, followed by two letters which were sent in July.

The couple say their solicitor replied on a number of occasions advising the sum claimed was disputed and that elements of the work were defective.

Mr McAllister and Mr Ryan said that a report by their quantity surveyor was sent to the builders last August.

They are being asked to explain why another report from the surveyor, dated November 2011, only became known to the builders in March this year.

The couple say they are "entitled to retain the costs of carrying out the remedial works necessary, including all attendant professional fees, as against any monies that might be due to the pursuers".