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Hannah Jenkins design helps Lenny Yule with oxygen tank

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Media captionThe new backpack allows Lenny Yule to run around with his oxygen tank securely fitted

A Scottish student's backpack design has enabled an 11-year-old boy with a rare lung disease to run and play while carrying a tank of liquid oxygen.

Glasgow School of Art student Hannah Jenkins helped Lenny Yule while on a placement at 4c Design.

Lenny's previous backpack was too long and the oxygen tank hit off his lower back while he played.

Hannah's reworked a smaller backpack to overcome the problem. Her design will be given to the Child Lung Foundation.

The new backpack uses a velcro strap over the oxygen tank to prevent movement when worn by someone who is running and the tubing connecting to the tank is coiled and stored in a front pocket.

'Healthy lifestyle'

A top zip allows for easy insertion of the oxygen tank and side straps, when tightened prevent side-to-side movement.

Image caption Hannah Jenkins designed Lenny Yule's new backpack

Lenny's mother Edel said Hannah's backpack had given him a new lease of life.

"We have always insisted that Lenny be active and we would never let having an oxygen tank stop him living a full and healthy lifestyle," she said.

"He no longer has to take the backpack off to play football or be on his scooter both of which would have previously involved a lot of bumping around with the old bag.

"Lenny is a very confident boy and this backpack means that he can shine just that little bit more."

Lenny's family, from Linwood in Renfrewshire, are involved with the Child Lung Foundation which raises awareness of rare lung diseases as well as supporting the families of children affected.

The charity will now be given the blueprint for Hannah's design to create backpacks for other children who need to carry an oxygen supply.

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