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Defects closed Glasgow school in 2012

A construction firm at the centre of the Edinburgh schools crisis was responsible for a school in Glasgow with the same fault in 2012.

A structural problem found at Lourdes Primary in Glasgow four years ago was the same as the one discovered last week at schools in Edinburgh.

Miller Construction was involved in both cases.

Engineers found header ties missing, the structures used to fix the top of a wall to the rest of the building.

The issue led to the temporary closure of Lourdes Primary, with pupils having to be moved to other schools.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said the issue over the building defects in Lourdes Primary School that came to light in November 2012 was handled quickly and effectively, with Miller Construction accepting all responsibility.

She said Miller Construction paid all costs relating to the works.

The council then ordered structural surveys on all Glasgow schools built by Miller Construction and they came back clear.

She said these were the same schools that had been inspected again recently and they had no cause for concern.

In Edinburgh, 10 primaries, five secondaries and two additional support needs schools have been shut over safety concerns.

All of the schools, which are about 10 years old, were constructed under the same public private partnership (PPP) contract.

Lourdes Primary in Glasgow was not built under PPP.

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