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'Opportunist sexual predator' raped sleeping women

A man who was convicted of raping two women while they slept has been described by a judge as an "opportunist sexual predator".

Zimbabwean national Patrick Gwatidzo raped his first victim, who was 21, at a flat in Glasgow on 8 September 2010. He raped a 25-year-old woman at another flat in the city on 7 December 2014.

A jury rejected Gwatidzo's claims that the victims had made up lies about him.

Sentence was deferred and he was remanded him in custody.

'Compelling evidence'

Following the trial at the High Court in Glasgow, judge Paul Arthurson QC told Gwatidzo: "You have been convicted on the basis of substantial and compelling evidence. You victims gave evidence with considerable dignity and courage.

""You can be described as an opportunist sexual predator."

The court heard how the first victim felt betrayed as she had regarded Gwatidzo as "like a brother".

She told the court she woke up to find him having sex with her.

When interviewed by police, Gwatidzo, 31, denied raping her. He claimed she had tried to initiate sex with him, but nothing happened.

His second victim also said she woke up to find Gwatidzo having sex with her. She was so distressed she grabbed her clothes, ordered a taxi and left.

Advocate depute Paul Kearney, prosecuting, said: "Two women, who were completely unknown to each other, gave compelling evidence.

"But each went to the police with a similar story of what the accused had done to them.

"What are the odds against that. He must if what he says is true be the unluckiest man on the planet."

Gwatidzo, a social care worker, claimed that both women had made up malicious lies about him, but the jury did not believe him.

He will be sentenced next month.

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