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Explanation for 'smelly water' problem in East Ayrshire

"Harmless micro-organisms" have been identified as the cause of a "smelly water" problem in East Ayrshire.

Scottish Water said it had been notified "about an earthy/musty taste or odour in the water" in the Stewarton, Dunlop and Lugton areas.

It said tests had shown the water was safe to use but work was being done to flush the system.

People on social media had described the local water as tasting like "dirt" a "brick" and "rotten vegetables".

Scottish Water said: "Scottish Water has received a small number of contacts from customers about an earthy/musty taste or odour in the water supply in the Stewarton, Dunlop and Lugton area.

"Monitoring of water supplies from the Corsehouse Water Treatment Works, which serves the area, and one of the source reservoirs has shown that the earthy/musty taste or odour is due to harmless naturally-occurring by-products of algae or micro-organisms in the raw water sources.

"The water has been rigorously tested in our laboratories and we can confirm that it is safe to use as normal and does not pose a risk to public health."

Scottish Water said that although the water was safe to use, some customers might not wish to use it.

It added: "We are working to flush the water network and ensure that this taste or odour is removed as quickly as possible."

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