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Glasgow firm fined over 1.6 million nuisance calls

A Glasgow-based marketing firm has been fined £60,000 for making 1.6 million nuisance calls.

Omega Marketing Services was the subject of 177 complaints from the public over calls trying to sell solar panels and green energy equipment.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) took action after establishing the firm had "ignored the rules around telephone marketing".

It said the calls caused "frustration, anger and upset" to recipients.

ICO acted after calls were made to people who were registered with the telephone preference service (TPS) and who had not given their permission to receive calls.

One complainer said: "My mother would have bought the product they were selling just to stop the phone calls."

Another told the ICO: "If someone knocked on your door with such regularity, they'd get arrested for harassment."

Ken Macdonald, head of ICO regions, said: "Omega Marketing Services had no right to make these calls and, in doing so, they caused frustration, anger and upset.

"That's why we took action. The people they were calling took action too - they took the time and trouble to complain, and it makes a difference.

"It helps us identify patterns, trace hidden numbers and build up a case against rogue firms."

He added: "Ultimately, when people complain, we have a better chance of tracking down the rogue companies and stopping the nuisance."