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Man drove at mother's ex-partner after 'battering' claim

A son drove a car at his mother's former partner after hearing she had been "battered" by him.

Robert Coleman drove his car at Stephen Haggerty as he walked down a street in Clydebank, throwing him into the air.

Mr Haggerty suffered multiple injuries including a broken arm, fractured ribs and fractures to bones in his neck.

Coleman, 28, pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to assaulting Mr Haggerty to the danger of his life on 17 September.

Missing money

The court heard Mr Haggerty and Jacqueline Hartley had been in an "on and off" relationship for 15 years and had finally separated a few months before the incident.

The jury was told that Mr Haggerty had gone to Miss Hartley's home after walking her dog and talked about missing money.

Advocate depute Bernard Ablett said Miss Hartley alleged that Mr Haggerty threw her mobile against a wall, took hold of her handbag and she fell to the floor.

Miss Hartley then called on her brother Colin Hartley who lives below, who pushed Mr Haggerty out the flat and locked the door.

The court heard that Mr Hartley phoned his nephew and told him that Mr Haggerty had "battered" his mother.


CCTV footage captured Mr Haggerty walking slowly down the street and continually turning round and talking to someone off camera.

Mr Ablett said: "As Stephen Haggerty continued on his way Coleman's motor vehicle entered camera view and drove slowly until it was almost level with the Stephen Haggerty before accelerating.

"The vehicle struck Stephen Haggerty's leg area with the front end knocking him into the air and causing him to land on the windscreen area.

"The vehicle braked sharply and Stephen Haggerty was thrown off the bonnet and against a wall at the side of the road."

Police found Coleman's car nearby with his fingerprints on the driver's door.

Judge Lady Scott deferred sentence on Coleman until 12 June at the High Court in Edinburgh.