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'Otter alert' reflectors on Wester Ross roads

Reflectors alongside a road barrier. Pic: IOSF
Image caption Otters are put off crossing the road by headlights bouncing off the reflectors

Reflectors have been installed at otter eye-level on a stretch of road in an effort to cut the number of the animals being killed by traffic at night.

The Skye-based International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) worked with Highland Council on the project at Lochluichart in Wester Ross.

The IOSF said reflectors on a road on Skye had helped cut otter casualties.

Vehicle headlights illuminate the reflectors and the light puts otters off crossing the road, the IOSF said.

The charity provided the materials and staff from Highland Council's transport department carried out the work.

Bad weather had delayed the installation until now.

The IOSF's Dr Paul Yoxon said: "Over the past couple of years otters have been killed crossing the road at night near Lochluichart, and having had success in installing reflectors on a similar black-spot crossing on Skye, the IOSF discussed this solution to the problem with Highland Council.

"We're delighted that the Highland Council have now followed-through.

"This initiative will certainly help this popular and charismatic mammal continues to thrive in this small corner of Wester Ross."

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